Thursday, September 07, 2006

Emotional girl...

I am rather emotional this week. There was the worry of the "announcement" the last week. Having been through the downsizing thing twice already it was a whole "oh shit here we go again" feeling. A whole 'oh crap we have no savings again and what will we do if there is no severance package" feeling. Luckily for us, this didn't happen to our household this time but it is happening to others and thats never a good thing. One ponders the wisdom of head offices in some of their moves. How do sales teams function without leaders? I guess we will find out.
Then I watched the news. Not a good idea. Dead soldiers coming home to bereaved families and someones children were weeping at the loss of their daddy. Two boys. I have two boys. They were distraught and the way they wiped at their little eyes was exactly how mine do it and my heart just broke for these poor fatherless boys. Had to go to bed in tears.
Sometimes this fucking world is just too much for me.

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