Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Sister Came

And now she is gone. WAAAAAH.
We had most of yesterday, last evening, and until 9ish this morning to catch up, hug, chat, and for her to check our our place. She is the first member of my family to visit us here in Quebec. I'm glad it was her. Oh, and her husband. Sorry Harv.
I love my Jessie because:
She's older and thus been a major part of my life since I came into this world.
She's smart.
She is generous.
She is funny.
She can be sassy.
She can be silly.
She does unto others etc.
She gives me stuff . :oD
She loves my kids like crazy.
I trust her more than I trust myself.
She has been my shoulder and kept my head above water.
She's a great hugger.
She shows her love rather than hides it.
She tells it like it is .
She's never mean. Except in a funny way.
She's MY SISTER and I am so lucky. I miss her already.

Tonight is my French Conversation class. I was supposed to study my verbs for tonight but was somewhat occupied with Jessie's visit. For this evenings class I am fucked. Conjugate that.


Tigerlily said...

Aww that's so sweet. I'm blessed with sisters from a different mother essentially. I rely on my girlfriends a lot, who are much like sisters to me and they know it. I don't have any siblings and wish I did, as I see my kids interact and I missed that. But I've heard it both ways: sibs want to be only child and only child wants sibs. Guess it's not always grass is greener.

Loved the comments from the quiz on my bloggy, but you got a little copy & paste happy there at the end LOL. Check it out (after the quiz entry), as you copied my entire blog into your comment LOL. I can't edit it, but it doesn't bug me either, so no worries, just found it funny.

Whaledancer said...

OH NOOOO! delete delete!!

Aurora said...

She must be great, she has the name jessie. ;)