Monday, September 04, 2006


The neighbor kid is hear and things are insane. Loud, wild, did I say LOUD???
Grrrrrrrrrrr entreaties from me to "Calmez vous" have met with yet more racket with Cameron and neighbor kid being the major offenders. its labor day so Happy Labor Day.
Its coldish and rainy and tempers are flaring. I just got hit with a rubber bouncy ball in the shoulder. Someone must die...or be sent to their rooms.
I slept a lot this weekend. I slept in Yesterday and I had a headache that was just uncomfortable enough to bother me and make me not so cheerful. I ended up going to bed after supper and a bubble bath. When I'd wake through the night it was still there. Today I'm rested and fairly headache free. I found my secateurs and went out to dead head and prune back the front garden. It was getting pretty wild and ratty. I need to rearrange some stuff too but that will wait for now.
there is a show on TV about rich people. Ugh...Britney Spears needs a severe boot in the arse. She could do so much good in the world with the jillions she spends on her Boy 'ho husband. $1000 sneaker sprees? Thousands on sex costumes? Thousnads spent on looking like white trash/truckers. Oh gods...
They were on the VMA awards the other night as presenters and not only were they roundly boo'ed but their supposed parody of themselves was untalented and tacky. Betcha thats a shock to her system. It made me bitchily pleased.
I must be PMSing.

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