Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Its wierd...

When someone becomes a house hold name like princess Diana, or the crocodile hunter its really wierd when they die. The person was a part of pop culture for such a while that one is a bit stunned that no new shouts of "Crikey" will be coming from the TV. Of course the media is wringing every drop out of it they can but behind the scenes there are people left behind and ones heart must go out to them.
Crocs may sleep sounder at night but there are some folk who won't and thats sad.
It was a quiet day here. I did nap restlessly this afternoon and the kids had a great day at school. Its almost bedtime for them and Richard is still not home yet from his day learning to drive a formula One car with clients. He's been so excited about this and its finally here. I hope he had a good time.
Well thats about it for here. Nothing too new or exciting from this house

Oh look..yesterdays post showed up. how odd.

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