Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Brain Hurts!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh. My first French Conversation (level 2) class was tonight. By the end of class I had such a headache. I need to buy books etc at the Concordia bookstore before Thursday but of course it closes at supper time and I don't live IN the city. My sister and her husband are arriving tomorrow from Nova Scotia so I can't just fuck off to the city on them.
Speaking of their visit: I thought they were arriving today and we were planning to take them out for supper. Tomorrow night Richard has a thing so he won't be home to take them out with me and the kids. Grrrrrrrr. Also: I cleaned like a whirlwind this morning to freshen up the place so they aren't totally grossed out, dang it. I'm a total "why do today what you can put off til tomorrow?" kinda chick. On the upside, I got to take a much needed nap after lunch hour. :oD
My brain is sore and I am feeling a bit out of my depth when the teacher is blathering away en Francais. I only understand a word here and there. The folk in the class are really nice though.
Ugh...my braaaaaain. And my left hand is bugging me like crazy lately. Too much knitting? Arthritis setting in? Or carpal tunnel rearing its bitchly head? I already had my Right wrist done in 2005 and really do not want to have this done again. Supreme pain in the ass but it was nice to get full use of my hand back. This time it feels different...no numbness but an achy feeling with occassional shooting pain through the hand and some arm discomfort. Sort of like my restless legs at night, but its my arm and all the time.
Must hit the hay and rest my aching frontal lobe etc. Damn the French and their tricksy verbs!!!

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