Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday yappin's

The Junos are in Halifax this year and it looks so cool. The footage from back home is making me homesick! siiiiggghhhh life is good. Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the daisies is!? My brother rattles that off every spring. He always makes me laugh..or pisses me off..depends what he's blathering about. If y'all find me short of patience you ain't seen nothin' til you've met my big bro. Oy!! he could make a saint smack him. But I loves my eldest brudder I really does!!!! Even if he can out garden me. Bastard.
Back to gardening....I posted looking for interest in forming or joining a collective or community garden and it morphed into the MPRC sponsoring a $55 workshop. O-kaaaaaay. So far, Ellie seems interested in a garden and Marina says she'd love a group to learn from and share with. This is more what I was aiming/looking for. I'm not sure the workshop would teach me something I don't already know about gardening since I have been an organic gardener for many of my 38 years, some of it urban, some of it rural. I've read stacks of books and articles on the subject and even considered going for a Master Gardener program but time, money and location made it undoable at the time. My gardens take up a chunk of spring and summer paychecks buying compost, plants, plant foods, tools blah blah blah..There is always something a gardener will part with money for. Its like an addiction only instead of crack, its dirt. And in stead of high you get sore muscles and boo-boos. I've already been out front yanking left over weeds and grass from the beds and hunting for new shoots. Man, I have a pile of poppy seedlings out there!!!!!!!! The parent plant is an orangey color and it was a parting gift from my Marla's oldest child. It really took off! Ooooh the dirt felt and smelled soooo gooood. I already have been asking Richard his opinion on ideas I have: "Do you like that cedar tree there? I thinks a flowering vine in its place would be better what do you think??" which really just translates into "Gimme the OK to buy a vine and yank out that danged ugly tree for me". 'I think a climbing rose would look fabulous there " translates to: "Gimme money for another rose bush!" BUT we both agree that we want to line the driveway with a border and I didn't even have to suggest it!! HA! I asked for rocks for Mother's Day and our anniversary. He never goes out and gets me rocks! Or manure/compost. I ask.... he scoffs. I need rocks to raise and edge flower beds. I don't care for those bricky things. I like real rocks.
I developed a thing for roses in the last 18 months. I have no idea why. i never gave them a whole lot of my attention before beyond enjoying them in other places, not my own yard. But I am consumed with making my suburban oasis into an island of beauty and fragrance in suburbia. I love flowers that SMELL> its amazing how many flowers either stink or don't smell at all..even roses! Wierd. Even my veggie gardens require must feed the Spirit as well as the body. Plus flowers will attrect beneficial and pollinating insects to keep the natural balance in your garden. I must be boring the Universe with this....
My Springtime obsession...........Maybe Scarlet's right and I am irrational. eek.

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