Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Spring!" From the Bambi soundtrack

So, its another Tuesday and what a luverly one it is . "Its a lovely tell yer muther kind o'day!" as my big sister Jessie would warble. Hereditary thing this warbling and bursting into song... Nathalie got a dose of it yesterday at Melange. eeep. The birds are really twittering and I saw my first flocks of geese on the weekend. Saw robins and redwinged blackbirds all calling out for mates...the music and fresh energies of Spring
Today I must..MUST!!! get on top of this chore called laundry. Really! I mean it. One wish I have is that my clothesline would run free of the @#$% gazebo frame in the back yard. Its a great long clothesline but when you put stuff on it the clothes run into the frame. Useless and tres annoying I must say because I do love hanging clothes out. Then again the redwing blackbirds etc are back in town and they like our yard (poopoopoopoop) so maybe its a good idea to use the dryer.
Also, my battle with the sowbugs continues. They keep creeping out no matter how much I vacuum and wash the floors and along baseboards and cabinets. I may have to find a less friendly way to thwart their interests. I dislike the "wakening of the cooties" part of spring. Back in NS our house(remember..old old drafty and non airtight farmhouse) would suddenly have many more spiders than usual. One year I had to let off a spiderbomb in the basement and vacate the premises for the day. Don't rage at me for being ungreen because when you clean the bejeepers outta your home and your toddler still ends up with spider bites in the morning cuz one of the multi legged @#$% dropped into his bed, you'd do the same I am sure. After the bomb wiped out the community it was more reasonable in subsequent seasons.
So..laundry, vacuuming, tidy kitchen of dishes and crmbs so Madame Sophie doesn't think we are pigs (she's the french tutor) and the bathrooms should be done too. They will be toothpaste spattered again by bedtime but its the thought that counts. And this is my big grudge against housework...you do it..are happy and tired and tidy..20 minutes later ya gotta do it again!! What kind of incentive is that to do a good job...or do it at all?????? Piss me off. And I'm not allowed to have a cleaning person until I can pay for it myself. @#$%^&&~*
Richard has misplaced his cellphone...or down right LOST it. His whole life is on that sucker (Palm Pilot) meaning it is his lifeblood at work. He checks his email, deals with clients on the run, you name it. He was frantic when he got home last night and in an uberpissy mood. I am not deriding him...it is important. I hope he manages to find it.
OH and I should do a grocery run. Fruit for the boys (mostly Cameron the Bottomless Pit), salad fixings and meat. I gotta get my ass back on track...but sugar and carbs make me happy...cutting them is rough for a few days while the carb craving crankies work themselves out. Betwixt eating habits and exercise I want to get down another 5 pounds by June. 10 by vacation time would be wicked good. But i gotta be realistic too...2 years to lose 35 pounds means I don't know that I'll lose 10 by July. I must go to Curves today and NOT EAT bread..or sugar. Must do my 3 times a week..now that there is no skiing on Saturdays I will try and go then too! I will succeed!! Time to produce a mantra or mission statement or something to imbue my lazy ass with purpose and power. And study my hated fat picture from september..the one that made me cry and hide in bed for two days. The one that makes me think I look like a circus freak because my head looks too small for my body...and I don't have a small head so thats sayin' something. Health is more important than cravings and sugar feeds cancer cells and is a poison..gotta remember that. sigh.
BUT ITS SPRING tralalaspringtralala spring tralalaspring tralala Lets sing a song about spring!
Feelin all twitterpated.

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