Saturday, March 25, 2006

Proceed with caution: RANT

I am peeved. I am incensed!!!! What would so unbalance my equilibrium and sunny nature? CELEBRITY DO GOODERS! They are pissin' me off.
Paul McCartney: I wish someone would take his wife's fake leg and beat them both about the heads with it. Piss off about the seal hunt and mind your damn business! Better yet, use your money time and influence to act upon a cause that actually betters lives of your fellow humans rather than threaten livlihoods of fishermen and Inuit, the fish stocks and the seals themselves. Too many seals means starving seals..thats not pretty either, you stupid celebrity ASSES.
And Brigitte Bardot...don't even get me started on her. You silly old raisin woman, go help poor helpless orphans or something. You caused enough trouble for the Canadian Inuit in the seventies...did you know that STUPID?? People whose only source of income from their traditional hunting and gathering practices lost everything because of you, you silly uninformed stunned Euro Trash #$%^&.
The harp seal is NOT an endangered species..Children orphaned by AIDS in Africa are endangered. Animals and people dying from the drought in Nairobi are endangered. The women of Afghanistan under the Taliban regime were endangered and the way things are going for peacekeepers could be again. Raise awareness of a REAL cause for @#$%^ sake.
I heard a horrific account of how a young woman was "disappeared" in Argentina in the '70s on CBC radio this week. She was tortured to death by her captor's: they inserted a live rat into her vagina and sewed her shut. Guess what? This kind of thing is still going on in countries struggling through civil wars and corrupt regimes. Women in India and Pakistan are murdered and burned to death. People in Haiti are struggling against guerilla soldiers..aid workers can rarely get out of Port Au Prince to help people in the rural areas because of the dangers to their safety. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT!!!!
As for your international ban on Canadian seafood, Paul. Shove that and your latest CD up your too rich ass.

RANT OVER...for now.

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