Friday, March 17, 2006

WynterGreene is back

FINALLY! Its been a long time since I've had an issue if the Montreal Pagan Community's magazine. They've had production problems but now its back and I must say the issue I pulled out of my mailbox was quite good.
Some might think: Big deal? Whats the importance of a little rag like that? Well, for some of us its a way of staying in contact with the greater community and learning what others think and feel about issues and ideas. Especially important for solitaries that don't have a regular group mind situation to connect with.
I am finding my solitary status a bit debillitating for me. I am shy of exposing myself and what I believe to others for fear of looking foolish. I'm not very experienced in the ways and whyfores of Spirit and don't go in for regular ritual work or spell work. One might think: Then whats your point? I think one can be a believer and hold things sacred without a lot of song and dance and pomp and circumstance. Its as simple as feeling thanks for a sunny day or a happy moment. As simple as praying for strength when things are hard. Of trying to live a respectful life...respect-FULL not respectable...holding others and the Earth with respect. Being respectable is good too, I suppose :oD.
But its a lonely way, solitariness. Its good to share ideas and energies with others in a healthy respectful way. I am missing that from being in class with CMS. The idea of forming a group out here on the North Shore was suggested and I am considering putting the call out for like minded folk to meet up and see what shakes out. I am putting it off for no other reason than I am shy. Believe it or not..
Anyways, this is why I am glad Wyntergreene is back.

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