Sunday, March 26, 2006


I am thinking that in the subject line I will name a theme song for my day. A song that captures my mood or experience. Granted I am no musicologist but I will attempt this as often as Friday at Scarlet's place it might have been "Cinderelly Cinderelly" from the original Disney film (JUST KIDDING!!!). On my way energetic day it may have been "I feel Good" by Michael Buble. Today is to early to tell so far. Only one cuppa coffee so far.
I do believe I have mentioned occassionally my torrid passion for the Dollarama? well, after a long hiatus Ben and I went so he could spend some of his money after we had hi CTire for tomato seeds and potting soil and peat pots. Also, they recieved little certificates after their final ski class so I wanted 2 cheapo frames so the guys could hang their achievement in their roooms. Things that grab me in Dollarama: sketchbooks and pads, journals,pens, artist brushes, craft supplies, plant pots etc... actually I am never quite sure what will grab my fancy but those are the areas I can be found in. I got cute l'il dragonfly relief terracotta (but spongepainted) hangable half pots. One side is flat so it can be hung against a vertical surface. As soon as I saw that I went "kitchen!!!" . Pretty sure I used the inside the head voice and not the out loud voice .... Anyhoo, after spraying some spray varathane inside them to seal the inner surface from seepage one is now planted and hung. It contains a baby from my favorite spiderplant and should be able to hold it for 2 years by my guesstimation, since spidies like being somewhat pot bound nd it has no roots as yet. I will keep it watered and moist until we have active growth and then it will get regular plant treatment. I am pleased with my purchase nd while I could have found something bigger elsewhere, its not overwhelming and I can take it down for watering with ease. The mate will be planted with some ivy as soon as I get some. Ivy and I have a love hate relationship. I really like it, especially the variegated kind, and I can usually keep it alive for awhile but then something happens and it kicks the bucket. Very sad.
I was inspired to house clean yestetrday..actually i was highly caffienated and thats usually what happens. But then we had to take the boys for their final ski class and the moment was lost. I am trying to recapture that zest for fresh'n'clean but my chaotic cabinets are not jeering at me so far. Benoit is enlisted to help and is quite excited about being the vacuum wielder and doing some scrubbing. He needs to knock off some homework pages of cursive writing first though and he is resisting that with his heart and soul.
Tomorrow is MPRC day. Jeez, i hope someone comes in. That shift has become mega dull and I only have so much libraran task tolerance.
Minor rant for myself: i am peeved at myself for buying peat pots. I finally located my enviro-potter and could have made the smallest seedling pots myself from newspaper as I have in previous years but just couldn't find the danged thing. I will make a couple more copies of the orginal in Soup Can size and long narrow tomato sauce can size. Big honkin' coffee can size is not so very useful..too wide unless potting clumps of something to give away. Tomato plants need long and narrow as they get taller and taller so I can plant them deep to their top leaves and create that amazing effective root zone by deep planting. A project for later I guess. Couple of weeks or so when the current seedlings get tall.
Boy i wish I could find a community garden to have a plot or two in. I just do not have the space I need for a truly useful veggie garden. Or even plots to share with a group. I know folk that love gardening as much as I and to share the chores AND the bounty would be really a great exercise in fellowship, stewardship of the Earth, organic produce production, recaimation of vacant urban land, and just plain playin' in the dirt. Hmmmmmmmm........idea of a pagan community garden is whirling dreamily in my little brain. The hows (red tape, regulations etc)and whyfores are the details I am never good at but the concept(original ideas and planning) and implementation(building and just plain doin' it) are my strong suits. I know there are people who would appreciate an opportunity to raise some of their own food for fresh eating and preserves. By sharing the work and bounty we can cover each other because hardly anyone has enough time to tend a full sized garden. Many hands make light work and all that jazz. I wonder how a project such as this could be undertaken? Back home I spoka delanguage better..I find dealing with some of the strange to me rules and regulations and Frenchness of my new home daunting. I would have just made contact with whatever municipal office was necessary and run with I am intimidated. poop.

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Aurora said...

Oh i got your message about tomatoes and i will take as many as you need to give to good homes! I can hardly wait, espically with the weather getting nicer!