Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dreams n stuff

I only remember a bit of last nights dreams. David Suzuki was in one but he had shaved. Was kinda weird, people in the dream were like Suzuki groupies "Could you sign my guitar??" etc. Odd. I remember vaguely that there was a water dream too. Wish I could access that one. Maybe a boat involved.... Had one the other night..was on a Pacific coast beach and was wondering at the differences I could see btween atlantic and pacific in the dream. A herd of seals close to shore and a couple on the beach, dolphins or porpoises frolicking out in the deeper water. Spoke with people there including...YANNI. How bizarre is that? Must be because he's been in the news for roughing up his lady friend.
Ok..enough with weird dreams. My guacamole was delicious and I have some left. Yum. My semi Parmesan Chicken suppper was excellent. i say semi because it wasn't exactly Chicken Parmesan but based on it. There was chicken, sauce and cheese. Super easy and it was way tasty lemme tell ya. Richards was served on pasta..I had asparagus on the side.
Here's a brief synopsis of the prep: mix garlic powder and onion powder, salt and pepper, and some Italian herbs in a freezer bag, and coat chicken with it.(or rub into chicken pieces). Heat oil in a pan and gently fry the chicken (in this case boneless skinless thighs) with the lid on to have a semi moist cooking climate for the chicken(lowish heat). Some juices will collect. When chicken is done, spoon some pasta sauce (roasted portobello mushroom spaghetti sauce in this case) onto the chicken, then raise the heat to simmer and reduce the chicken juices and the sauce that combines with them. Serve chicken and sauce over pasta and top with a mix of cheeses including Parmesan and veg or salad as a side. 4 food groups in less than half an hour! Do I rock or what? Tell me I rock.


Hobbes said...

You rock like a rockin' thing.

Aurora said...

YUM! One of my favorite meals

Whaledancer said...

Thank you!!!!! appreciation of my rockin'-ness is essential to my wellbeing. Back atcha magic man.