Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sick again

I suppose I could dope myself up with cold meds and carry on but Unless I feel at deaths door I choose to stay drug free. But I bet hot toddies are better than they sound...might try that tonight in order to sleep better. ugh.
had lunch with Nathalie yesterday which was lovely. I had gone in for my MPRC shift since I missed the last two do to spring break and being sick. Big mistake as far as this cold goes but seeing Nathalie was worth it.
Speaking of meds: how about this new Tylenol info? Well, its not really all that new but the company is being very pro-active about it which is good. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) causes liver problems when take in excess by improper dosage. They have an add out now that says basically if you aren't dgoing to take the drug properly they would prefer if you didn't buy it at all. HA! Thats good for sales...NOT! But it's true...some people with a teensy twinge of a headache etc will take a double or triple dose thinking it will work faster and longer than a regular dosage when thats simply not true. The liver is not made to take such abuse of its metabolical powers! Ibuprofen, while easier on the liver, carries its own side effects when taken in excess over time: ulcers. My mom was taking it for her arthritic aches and ended up with a bleeding ulcer. Also, as a smoker she had a chronic cough and stuffy nose and took cough syrup for that. All her self medicating landed her in the hospital and it could have been much worse! We had no idea how much cough syrup she was ingesting and with her diabetes and other drugs she could have died from a lethal interaction. She got off easy, if you can call it that.
So the long and short is that I will suffer the snotty nose and cough until I just can't anymore. Consider me the anti Advil ad.
I HATE that commercial.

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