Thursday, March 02, 2006


Firstly, because I joined Curves last night and found out I lost another 4 1/2 pounds. YEESSSS! Secondly, because I joined Curves last night and will soon be on my way to further loss and some BADLY needed conditioning. Thirdly, we have our vacation booked for the 15th to 22nd of July at a fab cottage in NS that belongs to my sisters inlaws and she will allow our dog, seeing as how its US. I'S GOIN' HOME!!!!! Come ooooonnnn July!!!! And Fourthly, because its soon spring and the snow WILL melt and I can get into the dirt again. Having severe dirt withdrawls and house plants just ain't cuttin' it any more! OH, and fifthly my wallpaper FINALLY arrived. Its even better for the livingroom than we'd thought. Woo Hoo!
Happy happy joy joy happy happ joy joy........

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