Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Ostara/Equinox

Aaah what a day! It feels so good to be healthy again!!!!!! The sun was lovely today...a fitting commencement of Spring! Yeah! Its here baby! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tonight as a celebration of the new season and the waning moons banishing powers, I burned Frankincense, Juniper berries, Lavender, and Cedar to dispell negative energies and clear the way for the new brighter Season of Spring. Oh man it smelled soooo good and made me all happy! I burned it indoors and outside...I was scared my house alarm would go off from the smoke. Hate when that happens. I figured it could help spread the magic too by having it outdoors as well as in.
If I have time tomorrow I will mortar and pestle some and bottle it for future use.


T. Scarlet said...

can i have a little bottle? *pleeeaasse?*

Whaledancer said...

You read my mind!! I wondered at the protocol of it and whether you'd be open to it. Cool. You will have it Friday.