Thursday, March 09, 2006


Well, its Thursday and I am still alive and actually feel quite a bit better today. So far. The fever and chills seems to have passed and most aches and pains are gone. Still have a stuffy nose and a cough which is to be expected and is in no way incapacitating.
Bad news is that the cough may not be as innocent as it appears. when I take a deep breath there is the ominous crackle and ping that may mean Pneumonia. Having had it several times in the last few years I can recognise the diff between regular ol' chest congestion and the dreaded Pn. Once you get it, you are more susceptible to it in future and it causes a scarring of a sort on the lungs . In the last 7 years I think I have had it 4 times. Didn't get it last year though!! yay me. I will monitor it today to see if it goes away and if not I will go see a doc about antibiotics.
Back home I wouldn't have to wait. I'd call Edith to come with her stethoscope or I'd show up at her house and say " get the stethoscope!". Why does she have a stethoscope? Her kids have asthma and it comes in handy in monitoring their attacks etc. Anyways, she'd listen to my breathing and either say "Nah yer good" or "git yer ass to the emergency room/doctor/outpatients clinic (depending on the time of day/day of the week)"
Thanks to ibuprofen and decongestants yesterday, I felt human and somewhat capable so I made supper for the first time this week. Jambalaya! Yum yum yum. I love tomatoey things like pasta and tomatoes or rice and tomatoes. Adding seafood and ham just makes it even better.
Speaking of tomatoey things, my tomato seedlings are doing dandy. There must be about 30 of them and I didn't use the whole package at all! Holy Schmoley! I set up my propagation box (foil lined box to maximise light) in the window and have everyone in there. The rose campion, Morgenrot Lychnis, and shoo fly have also sprouted with varying degrees of success. Nothing at all from the hairy beardtongue and teasel. Just waiting for true leaves to get going before the potting begins. If anyone wants a tomato plant this spring speak up. The are Principe Borghese, a 1 ounce tomato that makes great sun dried tomatoes and sauces. I cannot keep them all and I feel so guilty if I throw the unwanted seedlings away. I may have to have an end of the driveway Plant Give Away this spring. My sis says I should sell them . In the country I might have done that: set up a plant sale stand in the yard for passers by. They aren't uncommon to see along the road and I have stopped to buy clumps of perennials. But in the 'burbs it seems tacky.
I am only keeping 3 tomato plants. I MEAN IT! ...... really. I learned my lesson last year. Maybe I should start some slicer tomatoes though.....?hmmmmmmmmm


T. Scarlet said...

What kind of tomatoes are they?

Aurora said...

I will happily take little cast offs needing a home. Just do't tell WW....he thinks my green thumb kills...but reallly, i'm not that bad...

Whaledancer said...

LOL...Ok You have the LETHAL kind of green thumb! As opposed to the non-lethal. Actually, mine could be lethal in that if I spend too much money on the garden my husband will kill me. :oD
PS: I was already gonna set a couple aside for your balconey garden. xxxxxooooo

Aurora said...