Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Instead of hearing how awful someone feels here is an opportunity to hear how great someone is feeling. I wish I felt this freakin' good everyday! man, I would have SUCH a clean house because my energy level today was high high high. Super caffeinated high but I didn't have any more coffee than usual. Weird.
Anyhoo, I vacced, have the car in the shop, did some laundry, cleaned out the fridge, made it to Curves, took Ben to the orthodontist aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd Discovered Fruiterie 440. Oh My G---- ! Produce Heaven. Un-Freakin-believable. Spent 28 dollars and got heaps of stuff to re-fill the fridge. The kids are putting a dent in it already! Yeah!
So, the car is in the shop...its been trying to overheat since Saturday and to drive one needs to keep the heat cranked to drain heat away from the engine. Yick. Won't be ready til tomorrow so I driving a Pontiac Montana. What a big ol' boat that is! Yipes.
Ben's retainer is helping his teeth really well. The orthodontist is pleased with the improvement and Ben has been really great about having the hardware in his mouth. Totally cool about it and pretty responsible too.
Hmmm...lets seee...didn't grind up my incense today. Just didn't get around to it but I will definitely get to it. it was just too good to not keep on hand. I was pretty wired after using it last night. Wonderful stuff!

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