Saturday, March 11, 2006


Boredom is a serious pain in the ass. Its not as though I have nothing to do..the wild and unruly dust bunnies free ranging my home and foraging for crumbs can attest to the fast that yes I do have many things I could be doing. I just don't wanna do 'em! When I feel this way I am reminded of my mother (Bored!? I'll give ya something to do!!!!.) and am tempted to go hide under my covers until I feel moderately industrious and find something worthy to do with my time so I don't feel like such a pimple on the butt of humanity.
Illness report: I have successfully passed the flu on to another human and so the plan for world domination is well on its way to fruition. Poor Cameron has a fever and is quite clingy when the ibuprofen isn't kicked in yet...which is nice actually! anyone with kids will tell ya that the only time you get serious CALM snuggles is when they are sick as dogs. Its the only time they can be still and quiet! Richard enjoyed some serious snuggle time last night after work when Cam passed out during a snuggle. Once the fever lowered and the ibuprofen kicked in (vive versa)he woke up and was ready to cuddle and watch a movie. Richard is such a patsy when the guys are sick. Off he went to the store to buy popsicles. ???! I save the popsicle thing for the throwing up kind of flu. It helps rehydrate them and the sugar gives them a little energy and the cold soothes the tummy and throat. In Daddyland, popsicles are for everything I guess. With a cold virus type flu it just sugars them up and they'd be better of with diluted juice to help flush the virus outta their system. Oh well. I guess I'm just jealous because when I was feeling at deaths door he didn't bring me any treats. And he had the nerve to say he looked after me. HA! No sir he did not. When pushed for one instance of nurturing me through the flu he came up with one thing...and it was the ONLY thing! But he somehow deluded his feeble brain into thinking he helped me get better?! Mental.
Richard and Ben are now off to ski. While Ben is at his lesson Richard is going to do some ski fond (xcountry). Its a seriously gorgeous day and I wish Cam and I were up to joining in. The air is just lovely! And the SUN! Oh mercy me its just divine. I stood on the back step letting it beat down on me and it was great. The cats can't decide whether to be in or out. In, their paws stay dry. Out, its fresh and springlike! decisions decisions.
well...thats it for now. We have company coming tomorrow from Ottawa and this house ain't gonna vaccuum itself. I'll con Ben into mopping the kitchen floor later. He thinks its a FUN thing to do. Heeheeheee.

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