Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I went through the house with my Out With The Old incense today...actually just the main floor but you know what I mean. Anyhoo, I was trying to chase out the negative energies and encourage the positive..an energy cleansing to go with my housework. Then I vacced, cleared up kitchen, have been switching laundry loads and folding laundry as I go and wiped down the downstairs bathroom. The kids are home eating their lunch and chattering like bluejays talking Pokemon and stuff back and forth as the scarf back mac and cheese(Ben) and Alphaghetti(Cameron) with vanilla milk chasers.. Ooops here they come..must be done.
Vanilla milk is this years attempt at getting more dairy into Cameron. He loves yogurt but doesn't eat enough to meet his calcium needs. He used to LOVE milk and then at 3 stopped. Nope didn't like it anymore won't drink it no no no. He did drink it at daycare but said our milk wasn't the same so no no no no. grrrrrrr. Now I lure him with vanilla milk..a glass of milk with a dash of vanilla and something to sweeten it a little whether it be Splenda or sugar. He loves it. He hates chocolate and so hot cocoa is a no go with him on cold days but hot vanilla is fabulous. This began as vanilla steamers at our coffee shop in NS. Now I just nuke the milk until warm. Ben loves them too. You can get vanilla milk in stores next to the chocolate milk but its cheaper to make your own and you know exactly whats gone into it.
We'll head back to school in about 15 minutes. My friend Ricki has lost 2 sizes this winter. How awesome is that???! I am impressed and inspired. She and her 13 or 14 yr old daughter Isabelle (our usual babysitter) exercise together each day. When I joined Curves they gave me two trial cards to give away. I asked Ricki if she and Isabelle might like to give it a try. they might have fun and it could break up their routine and add a spark of excitement to it. She said yes and so I will drop those and 2 baby tomato plants off after lunch. She is really nice.
Anyhoo, whilst vacuuming I clogged the hose AGAIN. So thats on tap for this afternoon I guess. After the grocery run. Which is after Curves.
Busy busy busy..What is it with me and Tuesdays?
Oh and I emailed Dracoe about getting a meet together.

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