Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am no longer making 5 pairs of slippers. I am not in love with these slippers so I refuse to knit 5 pair. So, Taylor is getting slippers, Holly is getting a hat which is over half done in less than a day and is very purple, Annika....don't know yet...mittens?, Heather..maybe still slippers since I won't need to fudge the numbers around, Payton...I dunno..maybe still slippers but different ones. Lorne's getting a hat too. His mittens turned ladies size so its a hat for him.
Of course my hats are PLAIN PLAIN PLAIN because I don't know how to cable yet.


I'm a bit brain foggy this morning and my heads a bit swimmy...both symptoms of the dreaded forgotten meds too many days in a row. Oopsy.
Let's see...I had something to ramble on about...what was it...?
I'll free style it and see what comes:
Ravelry: Can I just say how much I love it AND hate it? I love it because its all about yarny people and their doings and interests. I hate it because I am LOST in there about a couple hours or more a day. Its such a time suck but such a good one. LOL 17 group memberships and counting. I am so sad.
A big thing that came from The Rav is that I am going to commence the Canadian Guild Of Knitters (CGK) Level One in January. Whoot! I am gonna learn SO MUCH. I'd been thinking about it and really thought, oh no thats for REAL knitters but you know what? Level One is a course on the basics and its going to force me to branch out and accomplish so much more than I have the skills for right now. I am very excited. Someone posted a question about it in the Canadian Knitters group and next thing you know there are a pile of us in a spankin' new group for Level One-ers. We've agreed on a late January start date so that we all have time to scrounge the fundage for fees (membership and course fees add up to 85$) and get our registrations settled. We come from all over the country and are in the group to support and encourage one another through it. Very cool. Of course soemone had to point out that the CGK is only administered to by 2 people and made like its not as established as the American one. To that I say Fuck that! If I wanted to be and American knitter I'd be one. The CGK is only 5 years old and if Canadians can't get behind their own "national" guild because it doesn't have lots of judges to weigh in on your swatches thats pretty lame. Its a frikking many people need to examine it to decide if you mastered the technique or not? I am proud to be Canadian and a Canadian Knitter. Lets just leave it at that.
Lets see...what else...
Did I mention Cameron lost his bottom retainer? Its going to take 200$ and a week for a new one. Argh. Could this come at a worse time of the year?? (holidays, winter tires, birthdays)
Oh I know. Yesterday I rented the new on video Waitress. I wantyed to see this at the theater and I waited for it to come out...I anticipated this flick, ok? And it played at exactly ONE Montreal theater that I am aware of for maybe a week. WTF? So then it was wait for the video grumble grumble. And yesterday was THE day. I went to Blockbuster and rented it as well as disc one of the Tudors for afternoon laundry/knitting TV.
Waitress was delightful. I loved it. I laughed out loud and I teared up. I watched it all alone and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Andy Griffith was funny and touching as the crotchety old man Joe. He killed me. Nathan Fillion has great timeing comedically as always and his usual handsomeness but also played his role very well. Awkward, infatuated doctor. If only I had HIM nuzzling my neck while I bake. Oooh la fuckin' la.
Ok..but the big thing for me was that Keri Russell can actually act rather than just be pretty. I mean, I hated that Felicity TV show and thought she was pretty lame. Oh My Gods. She was great as this bitchy cranky troubled woman. I am taking back every bad thing I thought about her talent. Its not her fault that she gets cast as sacchrine sweet characters. This was an excellent character for her.
Jeremy Sisto: Remeber what a freaky character he played on Six Feet Under? Here he is being a nut but wow he does it good. Favorite scene? Him coaxing his wife to have sex. It was like a 4 year old asking for cookies. Please?.......Please?.........Please?....... ROFL
After I watched Waitress, and almost every special feature,then I HAD to bake a pie. Watch the movie and I dare you to try to fight that urge. I dares ya.
I used to bake more and i dunno, life gets in the way sometimes and the fact that if it ain't chocolate half my eaters won't touch it...its a frustration. Anyways, I went to my Company's Coming Pies book and dug out old fave "Flapper Pie". Its a vanilla custard pie with meringue. I had all the ingredients unlike for French Silk pie my other old fave and apple cream pie needs pastry crust so that weren't happenin'. Anyhoo, Benoi decided he wanted to help and may I just say that we had a great time. Its an easy unfussy pie so there was no stress. We just toodled through it and had fun. Bonus: Ben actually TRIED the pie later loved it. He has never A) tried a pie I made or B) liked one. YAY! After pie making we cooked supper together. that didn't go as smoothly because what I had on the menu was not what he wanted to cook but we compromised and he made a "salad" for he and Cameron to share. Lets just say these kids are not salad eaters. He got out the veggies they like (celery carrots and cuke) washed them, cut them and put it all in a bowl. He had such fun. AND they ate some. There is enough left over for tonight which made Ben proud and happy. When you have a child with a learning challenge (ADD) these little things can make a kid feel so much better about themselves and what they are capable of. Its a nice change from the nagging and scolding and negativity.
Yesterday I cleaned the outside of the fridge (brushed steel is a pain in the ass, just so's you know BUT the Magik brand of cleaners is awesome!!) and went through the kid's school calendar and marked all their inservice days on the big family calendar. Let me just say holy moley they get lotsa time off. Last day before Xmas is the 21st and they don't go back til the 7th of January. Holy smokes.
Magik cleansers: HMan bought them not me. I don't usually jump on a cleaning product bandwagon but he hates the flat top stove because of the marks it gets so he bought the magik brand cleaner for that and it works so much better than whatever we had before that. Next thing I know is that theres a spray bottle of another Magik product, this time for the brushed steel appliances (think these are hints maybe???) so yesterday I was all 'chyeah as if its gonna work better than what I do already". Long story shortened: it did. SO, if you have a flat top stove (love mine) or steel appliances you must try Magik cleaners.
I think thats it for now. My knitting has stagnated a tad because what I am making just doesn't excite me (acrylic slippers) and I haven't figured out the right combination for Lorne's mitts. I am thinking he will get a hat. Hats are simpler. See how I need the Level One?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Buyers Remorse

HM is very tricky for me to get gifts for. Just when I think I have cracked the code, my dreams of happy gift opening are dashed when he gives me that "What were you thinking?" look after opening said gift. Sure fire winners are :chocolate, wine, and porto. Thats gets pretty dull for the giver lemme tell ya.
A couple of years ago he mentioned he'd like to have nice carafes for wine and I got one that christmas. Its ok. Not Fabulous.
Yesterday I found Fabulous. Its crystal with silver plated pouring spout with a mesh filter so no dregs get in or out. Its fantastic and I like its somewhat triangular shape (wide base with narrow in a laboratory) and the fine quality. the man works hard, loves his wine and deserves a treasure to be proud to have and use.
My remorse: He is gonna turn to me with that what were you thing look because he is a man and will NOT see the beauty and "treasure" quality of the piece...just "another" carafe and let me just say ...I got it a BIRKS. This is not a 20$ Walmart "crystal" carafe. I have the reciept though so if its a dud as a gift, he can return it.
Back story: We were at Birks to see if they could have my big ugly ring sized. I hadn't thought of Birks at all but Angela suggested it and DUH they are Canada's answer to Tiffany's so if anyone can get it done its them. Thats why I went. While tehre I was browsing. There were the beautiful pens. I wanted to get him a Mont Blanc pen because he loves nice pens. Holy shit. Those buggers start at over 300$. Not happening. Then I saw the crystal wares and the gorgeous wine carafes and since the price was a fair bit less I went for it. The price was still significant and makes my stomach hurt as only a large expenditure on one item can. I just know he will get pissed off and return it.
So far his gifts are clothes(jeans and a sweater and those rubber shoe protecty things for his dress shoes), 2 DVDs,Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and the carafe. I will get a really really nice bottle of wine to go with the carafe, a bottle of porto (not white not white not white..remember not white) and somemore chocolate. I can't find my way back to the boat store for nautical stuffs and would only buy the wrong thing though a gift card (ick) would work. I know he wanted a barometer but I don't know a good one from a bad one and is it for the boat or the house??And hello, those buggers a few hundred bucks too. He is better picking his own, seriously!(SCREAM)
I hate this.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

3rd time lucky?

This is my 3rd attempt at posting today. My other entries were too cranky and I deleted them.
Mitten progress: the mitten for a 7 yr old child is now a mitten for a full figured woman. Try try again.
Handwarmer progress: One is longer and looser than the other. Will make a 3rd in the hopes it matches one of the other two.
Slipper progress: Haven't done anymore.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday morning happies etc

Last night was knit night and I almost considered not going. I was cooking supper and getting pressed for time in getting ready (which explains my bad hair last night and the wardrobe malfunction I experienced on my way there). There were sheets in the dryer that I really needed to remember to get back on the bed before I left (I forgot). I was multi tasking like a mad woman and thought "Maybe I should just stay home and get this stuff under control". I did not do this. I went out to my first Wednesday night knit in a month and I am so glad I did (except for the bad hair and split blouse). Knit night revives my desire to just sit and knit. And to knit BETTER. I like sitting with like minded people and chatting about yarn, yarny things, patterns, colour selections, critiquing magazine layouts, family, TV, books,jobs, schooling, etc etc etc. In that 3 plus hours I got a much needed jolt of society and feel much better for it. Thank you knit night.
A great idea came up: a price book for yarn and supplies in the Montreal area. Many shops stock the same stuff but have different prices and offer different incentives (such as Effiloche's 10% discount to Montreal Knits members). This "book" would list the products..say Berocco's Ultra Alpaca, and the price of said yarn at each shop that stocks it so that we MK-ers know at a glance where the best price on that yarn is and can shop to our fiscal advantage. Thios will take a loooong time because tehre are only 4 of us discussing this and we don't shop THAT much. Ok...maybe we do but its a HUGE amount of data to colate..collate..I don't know how to spell that but you know what I mean. I don't have the Excel-Fu so Angela mentioned she might be better for compiling the spreadsheet...LOL Holy understatement Batman!
Last night I got quite a bit of Lorne's mitten done but I am not real happy with it. I think I will rip it and go again. I am using the Red Heart MacIntosh that I got last week for him in a grey, black, and white twist. I like the hand feel of this yarn and its not tooo splitty. Unforseen was my difficulty in counting my rows because of the black/whie/grey combination. Holy eye blurring!
Weather wise:SNOW again. And more on the way. Last night it started before I left the cafe and its was a slippery walking to the car. It got progressively worse as I drove home. I had HM's vehicle since HE has winter tires. I haven't any yet. Canadian Tire has had major back logging of folk needing their tires and I haven't been fit in yet. My car needs to be dropped off the night before so that we get a place in the early morning First Come First Served line up. Today I will not be taking the car anywhere.
Last nights supper was a pretty danged good slow cooker beef madras curry. I usually make chicken and haven't done a beef curry in a long time. This morning HM had COMPLIMENTS for my cooking. Gasp! Shock! Awe! heh heh I made a saffron basmati rice with peas as the side and a cucumber raita for a condiment(cools the mouth from the curry's heat). Tah Dah!
Here in this town imported foods are not always readily available and I like using the Patak's products (curry pastes etc) and in this tiny epicerie fine(Saveurs Unies), they had Patak's as well as other spice sources!! I got a garam masala spice mix that I have to grind in my morter and pestle and they had ground spice mixes for other dishes. I will be going back to expand my already bursting spice cupboard. They have lotsa goodies there that the average grocery doesn't stock. Me likey.
The Christmas tree lots are up and running here, are they going there? I bought a couple of new ornaments yesterday and some new LEDs. We got coloured ones last year and they are so dim. I like a bit of sparkle to my tree so I got some soft white minilight style LEDS for maybe give a bit more sparks of light. Here's hoping. The Alfred Sung collection at Zellers is oh my goodness gorgeous. I was drooling. The retro and nature based collections also had me going Oooh Aah. SO..I got 12(?)glass mini balls(heh heh balls) from the Sung "choclate" collection (pale blues, whites, and browns) because I like the colours and glass is just so much shinier than the "unbreakable" versions, I got two birch bark star ornaments from a nature collection, and those LEDS I mentioned. It was hard to stop. Our tree is ecclectic. We have mostly non glitzy ornaments of the homemade variety with some not very shiney store boughts. Some of them need to go away because I just don't like them anymore and I am thinking of replacing them with retro glass ornaments for their quirkiness and gloss. Also more nature based ornaments would be nice. And I always love when my kids make ornaments at school or we have a crafty session because thats what holiday memories are made of. Popsicle stick and pipecleaner angels. Popsicle stick sleds. Craft foam reindeer faces. Our tree topper is not lit. Several years ago I got a raffia angel at a craft store and fashioned cotton lace robes/dress for her. I think the boys an I are going to paint pinecones this year and add glitter too. Those holiday balls in IK's holiday issue would be TOTALLY at home on our tree. But see how the holiday tree in this house is lacking in shiny? I'm adding a bit more shiny. It must be done.
Do you have a kid? A craft enjoying type kid? Here's how to make pinecone holiday trees: You need pinecones (nice fat open ones), miniature terracotta flower pots, paints and stuffs for decorations.
Paint the pinecones green (or whatever floats your boat). You might wanna paint the flower pot too; again, this is your boat and whatever floats it. When paints are dry, glue the fat end of the cone into the top of the mini flower pot so now the pot is the tree's stand. Maybe give the ensemble a spritz of spray varnish to give a sheen (or use a matte type...rememeber the boat?)and this will help protect your paints from getting scraped off or flaking.
Decorate the "tree" by gluing teeny tiny stuffs that will look like holiday ornaments. Boa yarn? Garland. Crazy tiny pompoms or shiny beads? Balls. Crazy tiny star or angel or whaever? Topper. Glitter? Glitter. You get the idea. When all the glues and paints are set fasten a hanger of some sort to the top of your creation and Voila! A wee pinecone holiday tree. Wanna make it SMELL like a tree? Leave the bottom of the terracotta pot paintless and each year add a drop of pine, spruce, or balsam fir essential oil. It will soak into the clay and smell awesome.
At Zellers they had painted pinecones of various colours for SALE. Holy lazy, man! Go FIND some pinecones in a park, bring em home and paint then yourself. I highly encourage anyone to scope out the ornament areas and get ideas and inspiration for homemade versions that you can do with your kids. Get a fine Sharpie and add the year somewhere on the ornaments because eventually you lose track of when you made them together.
Hmm..what else is rattling around in my brains..there's lotsa room for the rattling...
I think that covers it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

new hair

How much chin does one woman need anyways!? I had my hair cut to get shaped back into a bob. That way I can go straight, as we see here, or curly and messy like usual. Tadaaaah!



i have a cat in the lap so typeing is hard.
laundry still not done but i did vacuum. yay. today we woke to snow!! Kids were thrilled. yay! but now its drizzling.
Ok cat is done and typing can resume. Last night I completed my first pair of xmas slippers. Only 4 more to go and some mittens. Oh and the hand warmers. They are 75 percent done.
My house is cold. The main floor thermostats are light sensitive dusk they will turn back to a night time set temperature. Unfortunately even though this is awesome for the electricity saving properties of never forgetting to turn back the heat before bed since its light sensitive and today is dim, the thermostats think its dusk and are NOT warming up to daytime set temperature. Brrrrrrrr. and Grrrr. If I break down a turn up the night time temp I may forget to set it back..I am forgetful so this is very possible.
Another peeve. My mom, the woman who birthed me, forgot (quote unquote)that I sorta collect hard cover books (if they are good and I liked them or they are a classic title etc)since I was in high school( not to mention I went to friggin' university and hold a BA in English Lit) and told my aunt she could have the over a hundred year old copy of Vanity Fair she has lying around. WTF?? To say I was flabbergasted is an understatement. Words were said. Gasping was done. Stammering was also done because before the words were said I was gasping and speechless. Moll Flanders will not have Becky as a neighbor on my shelf even though they have so much in common. Just another reason how I know my mom is slipping with her age. Lets be clear that I begrudge my wonderful aunt NOTHING. She fully deserves to have every antique book in the 'verse if she wants it and I love her dearly. This is about MY MOMMY not remembering that she has a (slightly)bibliophile child. She has no recollection of this collecting that I do even though she has in the past given me books she has come across (My Friend Flicka, National Velvet, maybe The Yearling but that coulda been Jessie, At The Back Of The North Wind...)at thrift stores or in bookcases in her house. The bibliophile child that calls her on the phone almost DAILY. I'd say I wasn't gonna call her daily anymore but I already forgot and called her to tell her how excited the boys were about the snow (DOH!). Let's just say I'm hurt that she forgot who/what I am.
Enough about that. I had to write it and get it out. There are several issues tangled in with it such as her age, her age related mental slippings and health, etc ad infinitum.. Moving on...
Today I will attack the laundry with renewed vigour. Also I get my hair trimmed today. Yay a trip to the stylists chair! I love getting my hair cut. Its the attention and bit of pampering that goes with. Maybe I should get my nails done too? But then the laundry wouldn't get conquered would it?
As I fold endless loads of laundry I will listen to podcasts. Love listening to podcasts while knitting and folding laundry. Yay for podcasts. For supper I am going to do that chicken and baked pasta that I did about a month or so ago. It was SO good. Have to pick up chicken on the way home.
Hope everyone has a great day. Stay warm!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Monday...

I don't remember the rest of the words. Anyhoo, its Monday at any rate and it was a good weekend.
This morning started out well except for this weird noise that shook the house. Like a boom. It was a what The F? moment and HM left the bed to investigate. There was nothing. Sonic boom? Very odd. So, I got up too thinking the tree had fallen on the car? Or something exploded? But nope, nada. Then I crawled into Cammie's bed where he was still sleeping to snuggle and wake him up for school. Why is it that kids wake early everyday except Monday? Cammie (Thing 2) is usually up early but man he's a bear if you have to wake him. We snuggled and talked and joked and finally everyone was up. Ben(Thing 1) was today's early riser. When the kids were getting dressed after breakfast all hell broke loose with the squabbling and yelling. So much for a happy morning!
I just googled Thing 2's #1 Xmas gift wish and holy crap! 120 bucks...I think NOT. Stupid cool toys and their commercials. No wonder I haven't been able to find it in the stores...I don't think its being stocked!
Let's see...what else is on what I call my mind....
Oh! The workshop. Very cool.
The facilitators I had met before and was very glad to meet again. There were a couple of people there that I knew though we hadn't seen one another for awhile. J was a student with me at Crescent Moon 2 years ago and R is a former student and a teacher with Crescent Moon though she's not teaching this term. It was great to see them. There were a lot more people attending than I had expected and one woman even travelled by train from Quebec City to attend. Amazing. We listened to the facilitators explain the class and its focuses,contacted our power andimals/familiars/totems for aid, cast a circle(this was a Wiccan themed course) and then partnered up to practice each step of the technique. Assessment, unruffling, treatment, reassessment, grounding. How long should a session last? Average timespan, for the aged, for the very very ill, etc. How to bring the elements into the ttreatment for specific problems or findings. Long distance TT was discussed. Ethics of healing. Self healing. My partner says her problem knee felt much better after my treatment. She focused a treatment on my congested ear and I could very much feel it. Shivery!LOL.
One of the facilitators originally learned TT in University during her nurses training 20 years ago. With time and the practice that she has had she finds she can often distinguish between different types of energy or aura upsets..emotional, physical, mental... Very interesting. A Reiki master was in attendence to learn something new and raised the question...We need permission to work a healing but do we also have the right to refuse to do a healing? What was the opinion on that and how does one refuse? There are energy vampires out there who knowingly or unknowingly drain one of energy or vitality. Have you ever met someone who just makes you tired when you are with them? as if they have just drained everything from you and left you wiped out from their very prescence? They are maybe very needy, or clingy, a chronic complainer, or very nice but somehow just sucks you dry of the will to be. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? These are drainers and you can shield yourself if you know how. They may come to leave you alone when they don't get what they need. Or maybe you need to distance yourself from the person. You may unwittingly be doing it already! Isn't the human instinct amazing? I digress...sometimes these types of people seek healing for their energy fix and the ethics of healing/refusing was the question/comment. Very interesting! And there are people who do not want healing when they seem in need of it which is why one needs permission. To work a healing without is breaking respect and compassion for another and healing is not about that. Some people need that pain/illness/experience for a reason that is unknowable to us . We are all shaped by our experiences and that makes us what we are. Also, somepeople LIKE being unwell because it brings them something they need, like attention, sympathy,....
So, my question remains... should I go forward and become a certified TTist? I am considering it though this is only to be a recognised practitioner get even more in depth knowledge...I can do it now without certification. How "official" should one make it if its really not necessary to do the technique on your own? Its not like there are openings out there for TTists on Workopolis. Anyways, its a pretty handy skill to have and the more you work with energy the more adept you become (practice makes perfect).
Enough about this now.
Today's line-up includes much laundry. It was all caught up and now its not. ARGH. I should vacuum too and do the bathrooms AGAIN. My girlfriend Julie always says she needs"people" rich folk have "people". People for cooking and cleaning and doing all the crap one is far to important or busy to do. maybe I needs me some people too! Cuz I am surely tired of de-germing bathrooms and vacuuming crumbs and fur, and washing dirty clothes for folk who never say thank you. Not that I ever did either I suppose but STILL that is NOT the point. Am I right? Or just whistling in the wind as usual? Probably the latter. As usual. ;oP

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I am addicted. I cannot stay away. I didn't think this would happen to me but it did and it's weird. I wasn't one of the first to jump on the Ravelry bandwagon and as usual not the first in the know about it either. But its got its hooks and needles sunk in and won't let me go! Its a little sad and pathetic..not to mention scary. Now I see how gamers get hooked on something and spend hours online.
For those that visit and are not in the know, Ravelry is a knitting community that spans the globe. Its all located there and people from all over join and share their love of yarny things through groups pertaining to any subject they share an interest in, posting project and stash pictures, sharing pattern sources, organising their own Yarniverse by keeping an online record of their stash and needles and books etc, people find friends they know and make new ones.... Its all encompassing!
The closest I ever found to this was a parenting site I was involved with while my kids were smaller and Ravely actually out strips that in terms of camaraderie since people are forming groups about everything there could possibly form a group about and finding other birds of their feather. The linking factor is YARN . Amazing!! Crocheters and knitters rub shoulders in some groups while other groups are a bit more segregated to one skill or the other. Wowee wee wow.
So, thats where I have been. that and xmas knitting and xmas shopping and I also broke down and went to the used bookstore on Thursday and have been devouring the 3 novels I bought (on the last one now). Needed a reading fix bad. Now that I have had it, I will get back to my knitting again and do housework again (yeah right). Dust bunnies aren't reeeeeeaaally a health risk unless you are asthmatic, right?
Yesterday we went to the Christmas parade in Montreal and froze our asses off. Then we hit a Walmart on the way home that we had never shopped at, so that Ben could have some winter boots. While there I found actual wool yarn! GASP!! Its the Walmart near the 440 at Bois Des Filions. i got so excited I started to hyper ventilate. And yes I bought some. So much for that yarn diet I keep mentioning, but 3 of those skeins will go to a holiday gift for my soon to be nephew from Saskatchewan. I forgot about him when I planned my holiday list. i have my 5 girlies but now my nephew will be marrying next summer and his fiance has a 7 year old son. They will be in NS this year so how could I omit him now that I have recollected him?? I am hoping to make him a quick hat and mittens of an acrylic(70) wool(30) blend called MacIntosh by Red Heart. Classic greys with white twist. Good for guys.
Today though I have big plans! I will be attending a Therapeutic Touch workshop in Montreal this afternoon and am also picking up a package from my friend Nathalie, of 20 vanilla beans for making vanilla extract and vanilla sugar. Very thrilling since the price is insanely good because she buys in bulk for her business of soap and beauty product making. Happy happy joy joy. I gotta buy more vodka(thats my extract base) and hunt out a good bottle for the project. I had one but I think its gone now. Maybe I will just use the vodka bottle and wait on a nice one for when its ready to use.
Therapeutic Touch is a healing modality that involves energy work and is a therapy used by some nurses to give comfort and relief to patients. Unlike Reiki it is not an initiatory practice meaning its methods are available to anyone not just those initiated into the practice. Its not the same as Reiki but a valuable tool in a healers arts. While in my journey person's course (level one of Crescent Moon School)I found my niche of green witch and healer. I have been waiting and looking for opportunities to further that study and the skills that I had been unknowingly gathering for years by reading books on herbalism and stones among other things. For this I will always be grateful for the events that brought me to Montreal, to Crescent Moon and its teachers and students, and for the richness they have added to my spiritual life.
I should probably get something to eat and shower in preparation for heading out. Have a marvelous day everyone.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I finished my Mom's first Handwarmer for xmas and am on row 8 of #2. I'm going to have a whole skein of Sublime leftover! Jessie's second sock came off the needle in my bag and so needs a rescue that I haven't had the energy for. Taylor's second slipper is on the needles now.
I am tired. Monday I slept 17 out of 24 hours. How weird is that?
These semi-back to back viruses are kicking my ass just a bit with the fatigue. And yes I still get dizzy especially when I look waaaay up. Now HM is poorly too. Like me he's having tummy upset, fatigue, but not the horrendous head cold I had. He's got some leg stiffness too thats unusual. The man literally drops when he gets home if he dares curl up against me on the sofa. Next thing i know is he is snoring and thats just odd (that he falls asleep not the snoring.).
I'll be glad when we are both well and feel like ourselves again. He has a doctor's appointment for a physical like I had a couple weeks ago since he is due for one and he's feeling poorly so better to make sure its nothing serious. Lets be clear, this is a man who soldiers on through any illness unless it really knocks him down. He is not a guy who gets sick with a sniffle and then whines all the time. That would be me! LOL So when he admits to feeling under the weather, there really is something going on.
I hope he feels better soon. this whole last month has rather sucked

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


10 things I did this weekend:

1) shopping
3) saw a movie
4) went out to dinner before the movie
5) laundry
6) played cards with Ben
8) mopped floor

9 things on my agenda this week

8 shows I watched last week

1) Ellen
2) Sponge Bob SquarePants
3) America's Funniest Animals
4) CSI
5)Grey's Anatomy
6) Fairly Odd Parents
7) Style By Jury
8) Jimmy Neutron

7 things I cooked last week:
1) chicken
2) steak
3) hot dogs
4) pasta

6 things I red this past week:
1) knitting magazines
2)knitting patterns
3) Ikea Instructions
4)medication dosage information
5)the inside of my eyelids
6) blogs

5 Reasons to be happy today


Ok...I am done...this is way too long and I am way too boring.

Progress pics

We have here pictorial evidence of my mom's handwarmers and my neices slippers in progress.
As you were.....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

In retrospect...

I went on Ravelry and looked at the other slippers. Mine are not so bad actually. They just don't have a certain something I was looking for. I will tweak my plan and see if it improves. The main problem is the strap. I don't understand how to crochet it and maybe I could switch it to I-cord? I don't know.

Sunday funk

I spent today running some errands and knitting. the knitting was a let down actually because what I tried didn't work out so well. I was attempting an EXTREMELY easy slipper pattern and all was roses until the end. I am not in love with the yarn (eeeew acrylic) but thee slippers are for kids so A) they will outgrow them fast and 2) they need to be easy care and ALSO) cheapness is necessary when one has several pair to make.
Not happy. Stupid crochet trim and strap. Stupid crochet. grrrrrrrr I am very disappointed.
I started Mom's xmas gift (wrist warmers) in a lovely raspberry pink colour of machine washable wool. They are going ok though I keep losing my place even with the row counter.
Last night HM and I went out wityh the intention of food, shopping , and a movie. Well, we got the food (Calva in Laval VERY good) and we got the movie anyways. We thought Walmart would be open for xmas shiopping but it wasn't and neither was just about anything else though we did discover a Renaud Bray open on Fleury and purchased a couple of books for gifts.
They got snow back home last night I heard today. We have been way chilly but no snow on the ground yet.
GOOD NEWS: My nephew and his wife had their ultra sound this week and the baby is ok! This was welcome news after their last pregnancy and a real jolt of joy for everyone that got the word. I hear that its a boy and this is my sister's first grandson after 3 grand daughters. How exciting!
Anyways, I will go make myself be busy now that I wasted the day on a defunct slipper. DAMMIT!
Hope your Sunday is happier than mine.

Friday, November 09, 2007


I am feeling MUCH better. Slept like the dead last night once I finally went to bed. Awesome. Ready to try some holiday shopping actually. The laundry can wait again right? That floor doesn't need to be mopped soooo badly does it?
Actually it does but I want to buy me a new mop (ooh the excitement NEVER ends here at Chez Knitwitch). BeeMop has a new improved mop head with a scrubby side and yes my pretties my kitchen floor NEEDS a scrubby side for some reason. There are stuck ons that won't come off without a brush or scrubby and its very annoying.
Know what else is annoying? I went all antibacterial on the main floor bathroom yesterday with the SprayNine spray in an effort to kill some germs and viruses (cold, anyone?). Today?? There is toothpaste that looks like it was fingerpainted onto the countertop. I could just cry I'm so mad. I will NOT be the one cleaning it up either. Do you hear me Thing One?? Oh you will be hearing me come lunchtime don't you think you won't. And daddy is working from home today so I has BACKUP! Gods, i do not know what would become of us if I was single and had no Daddy to threaten my kids with cuz they sure as hell don't listen to me unless I let the crazy out to play.
I digress.
I will go buy a new mop today. The new improved Bee Mop with the scrubby side. I don't know how I have lasted this long without it because back home I always had a BeeMop. I moved to this place and I guess I thought it was built with Teflon? Or that I would suddenly become a good housekeeper and keep up with everything like Jessie does? It only lasted a few weeks and things started slipping.
Speaking of back home.
HM is exploring other employment opportunities again. It actually gives me stomach pains to think about it. I don't adjust well to change and it has taken me 2 1/2 years to adjust to this one. Now he is exploring other avenues and I feel the acids start to churn but thats just me. This time there is no desperation involved so its all good. He has the attitude of "I plant the seed, lets see what grows" and I think thats very healthy. There is no brooding or worry or angst involved.
He has been playing his cards pretty close to his vest because he knows I fret so he's been up to this for longer than I have been aware of which is really too bad because isn't it my job as life mate to support and be understanding and listen and be his rock? So now its out in the open and if he needs to talk about it I'm here and I can just make sure I have some Tums somewhere in the house that I can nibble on the sly. Because I am his support and foundation and I have strong shoulders. Just not such a good tummy with the worry. Not that there is anything to actually worry about. But change makes me worry and there we are.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I has decided

2008 will be my knitting Year Of The Cables. 2007 was Year Of The Sock I I have devoted much of this year to learning to make socks withs ticks and string. Now I am determined to embrace that mystery that is Cables. So may patterns I fall for have cabling and I just don't understand the concept enough to do it. I need a teacher or a class with lots of patience for my screw ups, cussing, and just plain "not getting it". When I learn the wicked mad cabling skillz I will be able to make very cool stuffs. Cabled socks, cabled gauntlets, cabled hats, scarves, sweaters....anything that can hold a cable. It is time.

Incoherent much?

That seems to be me today. On one hand its funny but on the other? Not so much.
I think its in my genes.
My mom suffers from cold hands. All the time she has the cold hands. I thought "why not make her fingerless mitts for xmas for try and help?" I asked Sister #2 what she thought. She thought it a great Idea. I asked sister number one. She thought I'd be wasting my time because mom is contrary and probably won't wear them. So there we have the vote split down the middle. I had to actually go to the Horse and have it from herself. I tried to be evasive and oblique about it but when sick, my sleuthing is not so strong. After a convoluted and very confusing conversation that ended up with me being crazy(er)I still had no answer! This I realised today when recounting the tale to sister one. 'Holy shit!" says I, "After all that she never answered the goddamn question!!!" Would she or would she not be willing to wear fingerless mitts indoors? I had to call again today. "Ma, you never answered my question yesterday!!" The answer is yes. She thought about it and with winter coming her hands would be even colder more often so yes, please make me some. Then came the discussion of favorite colours. Sweet Goddess save me. After another round of convoluted conversation she finally announced she liked pinks and blues.
So now the xmas surprise is gone but I know where I stand. I gotta track down some pink and blue superwash wool.

The mucus, it doth flow

I had a very restless night filled with much nose blowing and the feeling that if I lay down flat I would drown. Much decongestant and ibuprofen were taken for the sinuses. Now, however, I feel not too bad though still hugely congested. I think the drugs are still in effect so I admit feeling slighly better cautiously.
I missed knitting last night which sucked big time but I went to bed at 7 pm and crashed for a couple hours before the cold woke me for most of the rest of the night.
I made calls for foot sizes and colour preferences for the slipper marathon that will be xmas knitting which i said I wasn't doing this year but apparently cannot resist. Here is the pattern:
They aren't fancy but they are cute and girly. I still need one girl's foot/colour information.
I am on the heel flap of jessie's sock and my scarf of no name is about 17 inches long now. Thats the good part of being sick. I sat on the sofa and watched TV and knit all morning yesterday.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wednesday night sadness

I am still sick. Did not kick cold's butt. Did not pass Go. Did not collect $200. Drank Earl Grey rooibos tea with hunny all day. Tried to yarn shop but got confused. I know I am on a yarn diet but I found the sweetest wee slippers to make for my 5 girlies (4 grandneices and one practically a neice). When I got to the store (Zellers ACK!!) and started looking at the polyester/acrylics that might stand in for Lions Brand Homespun, I forgot the needle size that the Lions Brand took. Thus the confusion in the aisle of candy coloured petroleum based yarn. I have figured it out though! Bernat Harmony fits the bill. I think. I need purple, pink, and blue for sure, but need to check on two more color choices.
Now I must try to eat something for the first time today. I never lose my appetite when sick but I sure did today.

Its TRUE!!!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

The ice cream lives in there and the ice cream is EVIL!! Thus Freezer IS portal to Hell!

PS to ice cream: I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean it. You know I luvs ya....

Did you hear?

Crazy Aunt Purl did an interview on Montreal radio! CJAD had a chat with our beloved drunken cat hair covered knit sib and she was just so cute and funny. The link is in her latest post.


Children. Vermin. What do they have in common? They both carry disease!! Yes I have yet another cold thanks to my offspring and the other vermin..I mean children... at their school. It was only a month ago I had one!! ARGH. So I am super dosing the C and sucking zinc lozenges, taking EFAs and blowing my nose ALOT.
If I don't improve before midafternoon I will be staying home tonight from stitch and bitch. This is whats really pissing me off. That I'll have to stay home.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Oh thou Tempteth me.

Is it wrong to want to knit those ornaments so bad and embellish them with sparkly sparkly beads? Is it??

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Backwards Yarn Over Scarf WIP Pic

I am so in love with this yarn (Mirasol Hacho. Its a 100% merino wool spun in Peru. The fact that one helps others buy purchasing the yarn is very nice, but seriously? I bought it for its YUM factor.
Let me explain the YUM factor to you.
When I see and feel certain yarns or knitted items, I salivate. I don't know why. Its how I am wired apparently. If I salivate over your choice of colours and pattern or the colours and tectures of a yarn, thats what I call my YUM Factor. Mirasol Hacho in the colourway Tutti Frutti does it for me as does the Yarn Harlot's Latvian mittens on her blog this week. As does Jane Mumbles colour selctions for the Latvian mittens for her swap partner. I literally drool for certain colourways, patterns, and textures. Scary, non? I think its a sensuality thing. Not SEXUALITY( some people confuse these terms), but how the senses all combine to create an experience that is so much richer. I feel the yarn and caress it...I see the colours and the patterns created...these are the two primary senses involved in knitting if a person is highly sensual, ie experiences things strongly through their senses, it can cross over and make for unexpected physical reactions. Like drooling over something clearly unpalatable to the taste buds.
I love my the stitches pull what would be straight lines of colour in stockingette into those Vs and makes for a richer visual and tactile experience.
I'm just not sure how long the scarf should be. Long enough to be worn keyholed, as this is my preferred way to wear a scarf, and have the ends hang down nicely rather than stick out stiff.
Recipe For Alison's Casual Scarf to be named at a later date:
Yarn used: Mirasol Hacho in Tutti Fruitti Colourway.
Substitutions: if you are a supa-tight knitter I say go UP a needle size because you do not want a stiff unyielding fabric. I didn't work out guage but am not a tight knitter and went with the recomended needle size. Its a medium width scarf so if you use a much finer yarn then you may have to add another pattern repeat to your width and adjust Cast On Numbers appropriately. Pattern repeat on Right Side Rows is worked over 13 stitches Plus 1.
YObkwd = yarn over backwards (bring the yarn over the top and then to the back again)
Cast On 35 stitches.
Knit 4 rows.
Right Side Rows from row 5 onward as follows:
K4,**K1,YObkwd,K4,k2tog,SL1,K1,PSSO,K4,YObkwd..repeat from **,K1,K4
Wrong Side Rows from row 6 onward: K4, P27, K4
Repeat these two rows until the scarf is the length you want it.
Knit 4 rows and bind off.
Soak and block until fully dry. Wear with flair.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Head * Desk and repeat

ARGH. I gave in to the Startitis. I had to, y'know. Here I am with two squabblers that don't listen to me most of the time while SOMEONE is in Acapulco "working". I don't really consider golf and seadooing work even if it is with clients.
I digress.
After an great time at the Biodome, the kids got into it in the car. Then at Effiloche they were holy terrors until separated, one inside and one outside. They were much better after a stroll down St Hubert and the ride home was calm. Rented them each a game. All is well but it was just that bit of rambunctiousness that set my teeth right on edge. I needed something for ME dammit. I want my Mirasol Hacho in Tutti Frutti made into a scarf by golly.
So, I looked up a stitch pattern (chevron and feather stitch from Aug.31 in the stitch a day calendar), devised a pattern, and set to it after I wound two skeins into cakes. Its beautiful. I love it. The Hacho is lovely in the hands and on the needles. I have about 3 inches done.
Only to discover I have done every yarn over backwards.
Instead of wrapping around like a knit and over, I am bringing the yarn over the needle and then to the back again. Coming over the top as it were.
*K1, YO, K4, K2TOG, SL1, K1, PSSO, K4, YO, repeat from *, K1
Thats 4 YO on each RS row. I've done quite a few rows. I wondered why I wasn't getting the holes the picture on the calendar had but figured they just weren't showing up until I blocked it.
I still think its beautiful. I still love it. I will not rip out and begin again because I really like it.
Can someone tell me what a backwards YO is called so I can rewrite my pattern?


Today we will be going to the kick ass Biodome in Montreal.
Its gonna be wicked. As sucky a parent as I am, I love outtings. I am all over the field trip. Sweeeeeet.
Sully asked about the puking punkin and as much as I would like to say I came up with it allllll by myself, I didn't. I saw one online and thought it was funny. Now, that said, I WAS gonna take it to a higher plane of funny by building my pumpkin headed man and have him surrounded by empties and puking pumpkin guts down his shirt, but SOMEONE didn't cut my wood for me and when I asked how to use the circular bench saw he freaked out. He said he'd cut the wood but he didn't. But i'm not bitter. Much. I had the clothes...had the punkin...had the chair for him to sit in and the empty bottles....had no wooden body frame...ggggrrrrr.
I told some kids that "Le citrouille mange trop beaucoups des bonbons!!" hehehhee. I was gonna put broken candy in with the pumpkin innards but thought that might be gross.
Thing Two was indeed a Ninja...again. The child loves ninja costumes. he was a red ninja 3 or 4 years ago and he wears that costume to BED!! LOL He likes the slippery material. He wasn't as geared up as I would have had him...there was this way cool apparatus to be worn like a back pack and it held two swords that he could have whipped out and I think it cam with plastic ninja stars and he coulda hung numchuks from the belt. But SOMEONE deemed it too expensive. Yes it waaaas getting pricey what with Thing One picking a pricier costume but we forgot to put a price cap this year (duuuuh..I blame it on my dizziness..thats the weekend it started). Every costume Thing Two picked was sold out in his size so Black Ninja it was. Man, I could SO make a ninja costume...I really should be a better mother. Two years ago I made him into a cool Harry Potter Playing Quidditch. he had burgundy robes with gold bias tape trim, glasses, a broom and a golden snitch attatched to it with a spring. Thats when I learned that gold spray paint melts styrofoam. Also, it took 5 latherings to get the black hair spray colouring out of his blonde hair.
My SIL and I have a competition every Nov 1st to kick off the Xmas season. Its to see who calls who FIRST to play Xmas music over the phone. I used to get her almost every year because A) I had wee'uns that woke me up early and 2) she was up getting ready for work with no time for this silliness. Then I moved here and with the hour time difference she has kicked my ass two years running. Last year she called at 5:30 AM our time and scared the crap outta us and woke the whole house. Pissed me off too because you know how I love my sleep. This year I was not fully in the depths of sleep since HM had to leave so early on his trip. The phone rang about 10 times before I could finally track down a handset that was working. I thought maybe it was HM and he'd forgotten something,...the time? 5:50 AM. Nope it was Marilyn...she got me again. This time I laughed because dangit I had been planning my revenge ALL FRIGGING YEAR.
Did I tell you this already?? It sounds familiar....hmmm. Ok if I did I am very sorry. She's going down next year though...I have it on the Calendar and everything.
Knitting stuff: I ripped the Pirate Mittens again...totally. I haven't the attention span of a gnat and keep screwing up the chart royally. I will try again soon. Oh and Project #4 is the thrummed mittens. Gotta get them done. Maybe tonight. They are so fast but i am procrastinatey. post is BIODOME ramblings. Maybe with pictures. If I remember.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Feels like Friday

Its Thursday night and nice and quiet. Almost too quiet. NAAAAAH. Never too quiet...hehehhehhh.
Watched Grey's tonight with no interuption...thats weird. I knit on Jessie's second sock of pair two which was started last night between trick or treaters. They will be pretty much Identical socks after all. I was thinking they'd end up more fraternal but the colour variation worked in my favor, so, yay.
I have the worst case of startitis. i thought getting that sock started would be enough but its just not. I can't have another project on the go though....thats just asking for UFOs galore. Yet there is yarn in my stash calling to me to start myself a scarf or hat because its getting cold out there. Be QUIET bequiling Peruvian merino. sigh....
The only answer is to get something DONE. Socks, mittens, sweater, and...hmmm...I thought there were 4 projects...think think think...
Like I said its getting colder and yet we ordered no firewood. Haven't really discussed ordering it either. I think maybe with the over spending of summer and stress of this Autumn it fell by the wayside and we may need to rely on store bought logs like Javalogs or something.
Did I say it was too comes a munchkin now!


We have a punkin who ate too much candy, the house, Anakin Skywalker, and a Ninja!

Apres Halloween

I pulled the plug on trick or treaters around 8:20 pm or so...after my guys got back home and needed their haul sorted. I had fewer than seventy t and t-ers this year and many many compliments on our decor efforts. Best house on the block I am sure. Not that I am competitive or anything. Lots of candies left over though. Blossom and I wore our hula skirts but her lei broke last night and mine was irritating so we were lei-less hula girls, me and my dog.
After candy safety check and bed times HM and I got to crash out on the sofa and watch Bones. I love that show. He left this morning on a business trip so while I was candy checking last night he was packing. Curled up on the sofa was our quiet cuddle time.
The news today has a sad sad sad story. In the community of Ile Perrot a 3 yr old was run down IN THE YARD of her caregiver in a quiet neighborhood by cars driven by possibly racing teenagers. The teens will appear in court today charged with dangerous driving causing death.

Here are two news articles....note the discrepancies. Its the tragedy of it though that hits me in the stomach and makes me want to vomit. As parents many of us try to make choices that keep our children happy and safe. It just hurts and scares so bad that no matter what we do as parents to ensure the health and welfare of our children...some FUCKING ASSHOLE IDIOT can tear the family apart. Thats all it takes! Two kids with their heads up their asses, trusted by THEIR elders to operate a motor vehicle in a responsible way, made a really fucking stupid immature (enter your expletive and adjectives here)choice, and because of that a little girl lost her life. An innocent child in a "safe" place to play and be and innocent child. These young adults..not children..robbed this family of having their baby grow up and have her turn at having a life, maybe becoming someone that could save lives or make a difference to the world. Unfortunately we will never know because these guys that were out having some laughs killed her. Some fun eh? The sickest part? One driver was only (ONLY??) 17 and will probably be tried in YOUTH court. Y'all know what that means right? Can you say wrist slap?
I wish I could just gather that family up in my arms and hold them tight and make it all go away. That poor poor baby girl.