Friday, December 21, 2007

My new fingernails

Same fat fingers but tipped with funky dark nails. I likee. I bought the polish a month ago but was holding off getting to the salon for nails. A new set takes over an hour...ssssiiiggghhhh. Its hard for me to sit so long. Now, if i could get a manicure while sleeping, that'd be awesome.
Thanks to Steve and Mymy (meemee) at Ongles Mymy for awesome pretty fingers.


Knitting Mama said...

I got my nails done today. I like your color more! So nice!

picperfic said...

your nails look great! Fat fingers indeed...that's what I say about mine and everyone sort of squirms lol

Tara said...

I love getting my nails done, but I think I'm going to stick to natural for the time being. My fingers are just in contact with too much crud (7 month old son, need I go on?) on a regular basis! LOL!