Thursday, December 13, 2007

Knit musings

I have been knitting a plain ribbed toque for my husband out of Briggs and Little's Anniversary Twist. While its not the softest cushiest yarn to knit with, I am confident that with a bath it will bloom wonderfully and get softer with use. HMan's comment "Its not the colour I thought it'd be..." *blink* Ok.
I SHOWED hime the yarn before I started. I showed him the progress. I am now about an inch from finishing and he decides its too blue. But he'll wear it! he assures. Yeah. thats not the point. I want him to love wearing it. To be proud of it the way Ben loves his sweater and the way Cameron will love his if it's ever finished. I took time away from holiday knitting for this as well. Ingrate...(grumble grumble)
I on the other hand am very fond of the colour and want enough skeins for my very own sweater. I kinda know how I want the sweater to look but want it done in the round, not in pieces, though it may benefit from seaming. I want a Raglan sleeve for its flatterning fit on most body types, a faux shawl collar which stands up a bit in the back but will be buttoned or pinned in the front (like the NDG sweater in the summer 2007 issue of IK). I need a cozy house sweater and a cardi would be more practicle but i really want this to be a pullover. Possibly with 3/4 length sleeves. This is going to take some plannings.....
I am itching also to do some latvian styled mittens and have heaps of inspirations and have yarn. Just lately too much going on. I MUST have Kate Gilbert's Bird In The Hand pattern. MUUUUSSSTTT HAAAAVVVVEEEE. Love the red and white of it but it will look lovely in the purple and mostly white hand dyed I have planned for it.Love the viney/twiggy floral motif with the wee bird on the thumb.
The Sea Minerals mitten is also lovely. Mostly I'd like to plan my own graph.... It could happen! Someday.. I was thinking on a Lady bug mitten one day. Or Bumblebees...or butterflies done in hand dyed with quick repeats.. Red Cherries on black...

On a less knitterly knote...I got my tree at IKEA for 20 bucks. Its the least expensive tree we've had since we moved here to the land of pricey trees. I have furniture to rearrange so I can bring it in and set up.
One thing I miss from living in the boonies is beiong able to prune my own greenery from my trees. I made kissing balls for the mudroom yearly, out of a potato and greenery sprigs (pine, fir, spruce, and cedar if i could scrounge it from a friend's shrubbery), and wild rose hips. Sprays for the door were easy peasy with boughs and a big ribbon. Buckets of sand or kittty litter were filled with greenery boughs, dogwood twigs (RED) and wild rose hips and sat by my porch steps.
Now to decorate I need to buy stuffs more and I miss that tromping through the bush of the back fiels to select branches etc. On a plus? We at east have snow for Xmas here. LOL


jane said...

So everyone who lives in the country is Martha Stewart? I hope you have pics of all these fabu decorations.

In response to your lengthy comment in regards to a sweater out of the anniversary twist. I'm all about the lovely fibres, but again I wouldn't have enough to keep me busy if I only used Rowan for everything. Plus all that time you waste looking for the good deal! Maybe we should just start spinning that way luxury fibre without breaking the bank. But again that cuts into the knitting time.

As for the NDG pullover, you could prolly pull it off in the round. Especially if you want to sub in raglan sleeves. But the collar would have to be done separately I think. And you'd have an interesting effect with a garter stitch yoke.

jane said...

Oh and I hope the husband does get home in time for you to come and hang out with the yarns. Not sure what he'll be bringing to work on, he keeps changing his mind and feels like he has to bring something impressive. I told him, 'Dude, if you are there and knitting, people will be impressed.'

K. said...

I second the hope that you come out tonight to knit! How's the IKEA tree? I want a tree I just don't want to spend a zillion dollars on it...I also second the desire to see some decoration pics!!!!!!!

Tara said...

I just bought the Bird in Hand Mittens pattern. Have some lovely Cascade 220 with that pattern's name on it :)