Wednesday, December 19, 2007

wednesday and the mood is ..?

Its up and down and all around today as I clean house and try not to kill people.
The laundry became a pile up yet again but this time its not all my fault. We had the idea that since winter came early, lets make an ice rink out back! This necessitated thawing the hose after its exile in the shed and connecting it to the only usable taps...those already attached to my washer. That would be fine but a certain rink flooder doesn't disconnect the hose when he's done so i have been washerless for 3 days and thats all it takes to go from somewhat in control of the laundry sitch to holy fuck where are all the clean socks in this frikkin' house. Today, he finally reconnected the washer and it has its second big load tumbling now. That doesn't seem like much laundry but remember that front loaders have loooooonnnggg cycles and hold a lot.
Then I attacked the kitchen floor. I vacuumed and mopped like a mad woman. I even pulled out the fridge and stove (eeeeewwwww). I am so sick of white floor that I could cry because I had it nice and cleanish,but once lunch was over I literally had to take the mop to it again. Thank you pomegranates!
The cat boxes need sifting and the aquarium needs cleaning/water changing, neither of which are fun.
I have a pork rosat marinating in the fridge. It better pass the finicky eater test better than last nights meal of creamy leek and potato soup, which was quite good. But HMan wouldn't touch it and instead had leftovers and a sandwich. it just me or is this rude? I felt dissed. I'm still feeling POed at that. Its bad enough for kids to turn their noses up at what i produce for a meal but he is old enough to behave better.
I have no idea if i can get out to knitting tonight. Traffic is snarly what with snow removal being not done well and getting from point A to B is not easy so who know what time his Lordship of The Soup Rejection will get his ass home.
Speaking of asses: My son, whom I do love just don't always like, was so mean to his little brother at lunch i could have gleefully hurt him. i sent him to his room for his own safety. Thing 2 got a cute little certificate of recognition from his English teacher for a term well done and he was so proud he had to bring it home at lunch to show me. Thing 1 got pissed off at Thing 2 and ruined the certificate with snow because "he made me mad". There is a tear in it and the ink ran from the snow and poor Cam was sobbing his heart out when they got home while Ben mocked him making crying noises in a mean voice. I lost my temper big time...I couldn't be reasonable and kind and talk it out because I had one kid bawling and the other ranting like a little tyrant. Basically the tyrant was informed that he had behaved like something very rude and was shut up in his top volume and rage because civility went out the window. sigh.
The house is empty again and quiet but I am still upset for Cameron even though he has accepted the situation of his certificate getting ruined. He was so happy about that certificate. It gave his ego such a lift and then his brother went and destroyed all the happy. I am so tired of this. I know Ben has his issues and his therapist can explain them all and give us methods to cope and things ARE better than they used to be, but sometimes I am just so resentful of the chaos he brings to the family unit.
PMS and lunch hour drama...not a good mix.


picperfic said...

oh dear....wish i could do something to help. A hug?

Knitting Mama said...

Wanna come clean my house?? LOL. Sounds like you did a good jon on yours!

I missed you tonight at the SNB on Monkey-land.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

All hail pms and family drama. I meet that and double your bet. Nice to know I am not alone... Lova ya!