Thursday, December 20, 2007

I bitched because I had no shoes....

Until my sister gave me her bad news.
I have been grouchy the last couple of posts thanks to PMS etc. Its been colouring my world a bitchy shade of crabby. Then I was chatting with myssister who has a genuine reason to be unhappy this week. It makes me feel very small and petty in comparison. Another reason why I want to be her when I grow up...only taller.
The decision to have a pet put down is never easy and always sucks. The pet in question had been failing for the last few years and it was obvious her time was running out. I am proud of my sister and her ability to support the pet as long as she did through deafness, blindness, a canine form of Alzheimer's, and elderly infirmities. She held out as long as she could and its longer than I could have let me tell you.
Tess, you are missed. Your stinky ears, your funny wriggle, your joyful whining in greeting. You were a Good Dog, always gentle and sweet. Be at peace and chase those Summerlands bunnies with gusto.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I didn't know!!! I talked to her last week and it was never mentioned.
Tess, you beautiful girl, you will be missed by everyone.


Tara said...

I had my dog put down 10 years ago now, and I still dream about him. Boy, do they ever take up a big spot in our lives.