Friday, December 07, 2007

The secret is out...sorta

Yesterday the innocent announcement by my son that there was a Kn-Ball tournament on Saturday afternoon made the secret come out..HM had been making top secret surprise birthday plans. They may be lame. They may be fabu! I don't know because they are still not revealed, only their existance has been leaked. He's been making lots of ha-ha-you're-40 comments. He cares more than I do. About the 40, not the birthday. I am BIG on any day that involves ME getting presents.
About the big Four O: Its not that I am 40 tomorrow its that I don't have much accomplished by now. Ok YES I had a business with HM. That failed, kinda. We sold it before we could fail actually but did not escape unscathed (major debt related to the biz). So i guess that an accomplishment/milestone/something. I have two kids, but really, almost anyone with a uterus can do that even those that shouldn't. Ummmm...I have a BA but its pretty useless and my GPA sucked bad (too much liquor). But it is technically letters after my name and an education so i'm counting it.
I have yet to be divorced, no matter HOW HARD I TRY!! (Just kidding) So I think in today's day and age where many marrriages fall apart very quickly thats to be lauded. And we usually still like each other daily so thats pretty good too.
I have not killed anyone even though I have a homicidal temper/rage issue. Thats an accomplishment. I have enough control not to kill. Drugs are good.
Hmmmm...I'm sounding better and better!
I can knit socks! I can Knit! this is not just a skill (homey and for old ladies...chyeah right. I think NOT!!!!) but an artistic expression of my creativity. I may not be a Picasso or an Edith Piaf but I enjoy my artform and the happiness it brings me. Not to mention the friends it has brought into my life. I guess I am ok for 40. Not a rocket scientist cancer curing philanthropic superstar, but I am ok. And for me, being a slacking underachiever, I think its more than enough. Maybe I should even take it down a notch??

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