Friday, December 14, 2007

Yarn Haul

Ok...remember that yarn diet I made noises about? So not happening.
Last night was Ariadne's first knit night hosting and I knew I would need to buy some more of that Cherry Tree Hill yarn (Foxy Lady colourway) and that Opal 6 ply I had covetted last time and the ballerina pink O-Wool...mmmmmmmmm puuuurrrttty. So That's what I browsed and bought. Then Robyn brought my order from her shop because she was gonna be there last night so why wait until next Wednesday riiiiigggghhhht? The Ariadne girls were totally cool with that which was very kind. 10 skeins of Anniversary twist!!! SWEET! I am gonna have such a great sweater with my 15 skeins (would be 16 but I made that hat for HMan which he has now declared Too Girly!)
OH and Robyn exchanged me one skein of "Mist" Colinette for "Sea Breeze". A certain little baby on it's way in the spring might have a very nice sweater or something made with the beige, brown, and turquoise colours of the 'Sea Breeze' Colinette merino wool.


Tara said...

Hey, it's your birthday! Who deserves yummy yarn if not you?

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...