Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ok..does anyone else find this creepy and wrong?

On ELLEN today Tippy Hedron was a guest and talking about feline rescue. She is part of a group that rescues big cats from less than optimal situations...lions, tigers, panthers name it.
She talked about a Liger and displayed a photo and explained that a Liger is the result of a male lion paired with a female tiger, where as if the pairing were reversed the result would be called a Tigon. This particular one may have been called Bob. I forget.
I'm sorry...this is just sick and wrong. Just like when that zebra and donkey got it on back home and created a zonkey (Oak Lawn Farm Zoo in Nova Scotia). I mean, ok...if the animals decided that they had to have one another, thats natural selection right? But if its a case of humans meddling with animals that would never have bred with one another, I just find it icky. Like the stories about rabbits mixed with cats. Mules are also kinda icky to me.
Am I too judgemental about animal breeding? Maybe. I just find it another way humans have interfered too much with nature.

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jane said...

When in doubt, blame it on the Victorians and their damned sense of entitlement. That or P.T. Barnum's.