Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Winter Wonderland..?

But very crappy photos...sorry!
We have lovely piles of snow outside and always more to come at this point in the year. Its apparently going to be an old time Canadian winter this year and part of me is all "Oooooh cool" and part of me is "Oh f%ck a duck...." Why did my husband listen to me THIS YEAR in regards to firewood? "Oh last year was so mild we didn't use all our need to order any this year.." ...CRAP!!!!! Every other year I have always counselled "More wood than last year" and every year he doesn't listen. I have used the word year a lot in this post eh? Could it be because I am 3 days from FORTY years old?? We have no plans because HM's legs are still bothering him something fierce. They are so weak that he thinks he won't be skiing this season. Ever see a grown man fight back tears...figuratively? He loves his skiing and we got new ones last year. The doc said it was residual effects of a virus...sound familiar? I think at this point we need a second opinion. What if its some sort of muscular disorder or nerve disorder? These can strike formerly healthy people without any warning or known triggers.
Anyhoo, todays pictures have a display of presents and a WIP in the snow, and a picture of the snow in front of my house.
Presents are : a purple hat for Holly, blue slippers for Taylor, pink handwarmers for my mom, a grey hat for Lorne. The WIP is a blue hat for HM in Briggs and Little's Anniversary Twist. I can't wait until its done and washed so the wool can bloom and soften.


Tara said...

I know just what you mean about the snow. At this point, I'm mainly thrilled. But I know that come February, I'll be like "will this white crap never end???". Nice progress on the Christmas knitting. How many more gifts to you have to make before the big day?

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Clap clap clap.... You are doing so great on that Christmas knitting... WOW... Me, not even started! Eeek!
Very pretty piles of snow!
Hey, you want a duck?! I have one that needs a home seeing how we'll be packing up for {cough} Ontario {cough} very soon...

AliP said...

O my Gods, for real??..the vote went for Ontario?? I must call now.

Present Count: I have completed 4 out of 7 gifts. I am rocking right along since the others are FAST and easy too and I don't actually need them until the end of the month when I fly home.