Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shameless Promotioning

I had a big long post here and for some reason it disappeared. The gist of it is this: Do you love hand made luxurious soap? If you do may I recommend my favorite? Its made by a friend in NS and any handmade soap I try gets measured to this standard (and none have quite made it). I am hoping to place an order in the new year, oh yes I am! Bye bye dry itchy skin.
Terri has been soaping for a few years now and her family uses no other soap but hers. Eczema and dry skin disappeared in her house. She worked and worked and took home soapmaking to a whole 'nother level with her spa quality offerings for sale. She has exacting standards so let me tell you, her soap is real good because she would have it no other way.
I'm looking at the Honey I Love You bar. Mmmmmm huuuunnnnyyyyy

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