Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Holy Frak there is a buncha snow outside my house right now. Its minus 18 celcius but no wond to speak of and we have more snow coming in the flurries before it swings around to rain Saturday and Sunday.
HMan tried to buy a snowblower on Saturday before Sunday's blizzard and had no luck. BUT the force was strong with him in that a business associate asked him yesterday if he knew anyone that wanted to buy a practically new (two years old, barely used, 10 HP) snowblower. Uh YEAH!! So we will get that this weekend I believe. Heart attacks averted! PS: about a 3rd of the price of a similar model NEW. I love you Universe!!!!!!
HMan started an ice rink in the back yard yesterday. Its had 3 sprayings of water so far and since the next few days will stay below freezing it will get a few more I think. Then if it rains, we have a layer of ice for it to settle on. In theory. The pain in the butt is Blossom cannot figure out why i want her to go out the front door to do her thing. She's confused...poo goes in the back yard in her mind and so the ice rink is not hugely hygienic though I cleaned up after her. Its the yellow blotched ice rink of the neighborhood. Stupid dog. She of course uses the area of least resistance...the snow is over her head everywhere else in the back yard. I should go out with tempera paint and draw flower petals around the pee blotches...LOL Purty.
Knit news: I knit another pair of holiday gift slippers last night. They still need their trim which will not take any time at all. One gift left!!! Whoot Whoot! My travel knitting will be to finish Jessie's sock and then I think I may cast on a pair for me. I do not yet have a pair of my own hand made socks and I don't know if you've noticed, but its frakking COLD here in my part of the world. My scarf is about 30 inches long now...halfway there.
Ok...so thats that. Ummm.. Oh there was this show on TV last night on SCN on improving your homes energy use. It was kinda like a game show. Anyways, the Halifax couple won. I think it was called Code Green. I am gonna go get me some window plastic for the living room today. That bay window is freakin' freezing. I should do the boys rooms too. The basement windows are under snow so they are pretty insulated right now. I bought new door stoppy weather strip for the front door yesterday but its too long. Now what?? Does it come shorter than 36 inches? I also will get a new door sweep, now that I know what that is and I checked my door and ours is broken. When it warms up later in the week I will put them into play since ya gotta have the door open to do this stuff.
Well...this is all. Knit night is tomorrow. Today is housework and the usual crap.


picperfic said...

oh my..it sounds sooooo cold there! You knit yourself some socks, you deserve some! BBrrrrrr! Love the fact that the snow blower came your way too! Be careful what you wish for though lol

Tara said...