Thursday, December 20, 2007


Things are calmer and kinder here Chez Nous so far today. The guys were buddies again when the came home from school yesterday afternoon and played well until bedtime. HusbandMan didn't make it home in time for me to go out and I admit, I was pissed off. He always seems able to get home early on the days I don't need him to but its luck of the traffic and where his last meetings of the day were located. I guess I am going to have to call a sitter from now on if I want out.
So instead of my usual post knit night euphoria, today I'm schlumping around looking at unfinished projects and lacking in drive or ambition.
BUT my laundry is WAY caught up! For that I am grateful. I listened to Lime And Violet while I folded many clothes and deposited them in the correct baskets.
They are still calling for rain this weekend. I have mixed feelings about that. The snow piles are getting pretty tall and could use some shrinkage, but then they will freeze and there will be no shifting them until they melt in April or May. sigh..Winter!
My Scarf Of No Name measured out at approiamatelt 36 inches last night after this week's picking away at it. Only 24 inches to go to the goal length of 60 but i feel like OMG is this thing ever gonna end. Scarves, man...torture.
Today is the last full day of school before Christmas. the guys have tomorrow morning and then thats it until the 7th of January. I can't believe my trip home is coming so fast. One week!
Toys R Us had an ad on the radio this morning. They got in a shipment of Bakugan!! If you don't have boys my age then you won't care about this but my guys both had Bakugan on their lists and I can't find them anywhere and I started looking in November! Limit of two per family. First Come first serve. How early will I have to get up for this??? Anyone? Anyone? I have never queued for toy shopping before and honestly, don't think I should since they have a great haul piled up in my closet. But still......its of the hottest boy toys this year.'

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