Friday, December 07, 2007

Look what someone's getting

Went holiday shopping with the kids at rockland Center, a mall in Montreal. Holy Schmoley. The mall wasn't packed with people but the traffic was insane. We looked at a cool pet store and the games store where I looked for a couple of games Ben's therapist Sheila recommended for guys like Ben ( Othello,Connect 4, and Eclipse).
We hit HMV and got a couple of CD's for H-man and the Body Shop for some yummers body wash/shampoo. Gods he's gonna smell soooooooo good.
Then we went to Harry Rosen....and practically RAN out the door. Over 300$ for a SCARF??? I think not. Burbarry can kiss my cheap ass.
I can't trust him with clothes that expensive either. It will either get ruined or lost.
Off to Banana Republic, which I didn't know The Gap owned. DUH. I know I sound like a shopper, but I'm not much of one. I found this beautiful sweater that feels like it was knit from angel's butt hair its THAT SOFT (fine Italian Merino). Do you think I chose well?? I think so too after what he tried to leave the house wearing this morning. Hello, business world?? You owe me a debt of gratitude for that one. After that the kids were bitching about being hungry so we hit the food court. Then I was woozy from spending money so we left for home. the traffic to get away from the mall was crazy. One car would get through a lighgt at a time that how backed up it was. But then we took the exit to our highway and it was clear sailing. But we sat on Rockland for 1/2 hour for cryin' out loud. Thank gods for the CBC.
I think he's going to love this sweater. I also got him one from Zellers last week I think but its more itchyish and casual. This one is for DRESS or OFFICE casual. With that price tag it should be formal wear...LOL No that'd be at Harry Rosen prices I guess.

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Tara said...

Forget the sweater, I want the guy WEARING the sweater (HeLLOOOO Sailor!)