Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

I hope everyone had a great Christmas day. We sure did starting at 4:45 AM when Cameron woke us to ask if he could open his stocking...LOL We even stress the fast the night before that stockings are great to open while everyone is asleep so that you have something to do and won't WAKE ANYONE UP!! Oh well. I listened to crinklings and giggles and mutterings until I dozed off again and was woken by Ben's more voluminous (as in higher volume!!) exuberance at 6. We gave notice that Mommy and Daddy would rise at 7 AM and to please ply with stockings until then.
It was so hard to crawl out of bed but its so worth it. Ben got a card game that had him nearly in tears with joy (Milles Bournes?) because he loves it so at school. Also screamed "Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!" at his 6th installment of a Quebecoise series of books. Its the final book of the series and he has them all AND has read them and loved them. Yay!
Cameron got the Pokemon book of his dreams...its like a big catalogue of ALL Pokemon. The illustrations are excellent. He also loves his Floam...they both do actually. Weird modelling clay stuff. Very cool. And I have helped both boys hatch their test tube aliens....heeheeheee. This is a cool interactive toy that they have to hatch out of its cocoon and keep fed in its tube for two weeks after which it can "survive" on water. Its blinking light indicates its status (fine, drowning, starving) and you register them on line.
Husband Man says I did well this year with the gifts..except the wine carafe! its fate is still unknown for now. he may take it back but thats ok. He LOVED that sweater I got him.
I got Attatchements for the Sexy Beast so i can grind and slice and make extruded pasta . I got 2 Elizabeth Zimmermann books so I think my EZ book collection is now complete, as well as the Knitting Glossary DVD. Woohoo! Help at the push of a button. I also got an excellent looking Indian cook book so lively curries will be abounding in the new year. I like books on CD for when I am knitting so HM got 10 books on CD in one set of 45 CDs in a zippered organizer. All classics like Pride and Predjudice,Wuthering Heights, Oliver Twist, and Frankenstein!!! Woo hoo! I hope they are read well. So excited! I really wanted Pride and Predjudice too. Yay yay yay! I gots chocolates and a knitting mag that I already have and one I don't and soaps and bubble bath.
My final xmas knit gift went horribly WRONG and ended up in the trash. Its ok. The kid is getting other things anyways. So now I cast on a pair of socks for ME with my hand dyed from this summer (Lismore Sheep Farm single ply) I got a couple inches done last night watching TV and they will be SO warm and pretty in their candy colours. Plain vanilla sock pattern though. I'm glad to do non xams knitting. Back to Cammie's sweater! Fix Jessie's sock! More socks and sweaters and mittens....I do have quite the pile of yarn and ahem...yarn shop hopping is planned for THIS saturday in the 'Fax. heh heh heh. So excited. I need some roving for thrummed mittens. I never finished Ben's but I will and make more! So wonderful.
ok...gotta breathe...
Happiest of holidays to one and all and may the new year find you healthy and joyful!


Tara said...

Wow! Quite the haul! Sounds like Christmas was a blast (I can't wait until both kids are old enough to get started on their own a bit). Have a great yarn crawl in Halifax! :)

Suldog said...

Happy New Year!