Saturday, May 19, 2007

More Saturdayness

HM bought his way out of the doghouse.
We went bathing suit shopping for our upcoming trip (the horror...the..horror) and after driving around Montreal for ages and visiting 2 ginormous shops of bathing suits we gave up. " I just want to try this one on St-Laurent", HM says, "its on the way anyway." But we really had no hope left that someone would stock a half ways nice bathing suit in size Circus Tent.
PAYDIRT! This shop, Paradis De Maillot. looked tiny but was huge!! It was the bestest selection I have ever seen and if i hadn't gained so much weight back, that little baby in the window would have been MINE. So cute...none left in my size. I tried on a bunch of suits and we decided on a brown and pink tankini. Needed a wrap too so went looking at those with the sales lady that took pity on me (love her!!). She thought I needed to try some more suits so off she went getting suits (One that I had seen as a one piece and liked ..turns out there was a two piece!). More suits were tried and another found that was good for me. Decisions decisions...
"You know", says I," if you were really interested in getting outta the doghouse you'd buy me both." That said I went into the room to get back into my clothes. HM's laughter and sheepish "O..k..."followed me.
So he's back in the good graces and I's gots me a two cute tankinis and a nifty gigantic wrap that Super Saleslady showed me how to wear 5 ways.
I think I remember 3.
Back home I ripped out those fugly bushes to make room for the rose bush I don't want. Then something baddish happened. I took a spell. You old ladies when they get woozy for no reason, they "took a spell". I couldn't seem to catch my breath so I leaned against the front porch and focused on breathing (air is GOOD). That didn't works so well and I started getting kinda dizzy and my vision was not so great. Laying down seemed like a good idea so i layed on the porch and focused on breathing. My ears started to ring. Ben came to show me how many dandelions he had in his bucket thus far and he sounded real muffled, like he was far away. When I replied, I sounded far away too! Wierd and very not good. After a few more minutes of breathing, everything just kinda slipped back into sync, though I had a loud rushing sound in my ears and could hear eeverything very sharply.
Then I got back to planting that damned rose bush. Made HM fetch me my bag of top soil because I was kinda scared to carry something. Now he's all, "when we get back I am so getting you into a private clinic and you are getting thoroughly checked out!!" Yuck. They are going to say "Geez lady, DUH, yer fat and out of shape and sleep too much!"
Oh really??? I had noooooo idea .......
Thats a really big help...gimme some ice cream.

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Vicky said...

Hopefully everything is ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bathing suit shopiing is the worst. I like 2 piece tankinis..but do they really have to make elastic waists on makes everything pop out!