Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Me am sick

Woke up fine. Spent morning as lazy slob as per usual. By lunch was starting to feel not right. this continued. I bought KFC for the kids for lunch because the very thought of preparing anything and facing the universal "I didn't want THAT" was just not good. Apres lunch I tried to look at trees at Rona. Could not get home to my big comfy couch fast enough. Crashed for nap and woke up worse. Throat, chest, nose...all feeling the onset of something. Went to pharmacy for zinc loz...losz...losengeses.
Pray i wake up tomorrow with it GONE. What mother has the time for illness??
What I learned from my compost tumbler today: HM is a dumbass. Oh wait I knew that already. But this is just another instance. I went outdoors, sick feeling and all, to dump out the contents of my tumbler (mother's day gift 2006 ) so that I could finally dump in the contents of my new to me compost bucket/pot thingy That I got at the comptoir for a buck. Someone had swept up firewood mess from the front stoop and put it IN THE TUMBLER!! Big freaking chunks of bark and wood and stuff. When my compost is DONE!!!? I am very very very not happy and am trying to train Monkey to pee in his shoes.
After picking out as much of the junk as possible/probable for me (not a whole lot), I ended up with THREE big buckets of compost. Sweet. My All that Jazz rose says thankee.
This years batch has commenced. Huzzah.

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picperfic said...

you poor thing, hope you get well soon! I've spent the last month recovering from a horrid virus which made me very cross!! Us creative types need to feed our hobby and to be too ill to do it makes us so frustrated!

Love the sound of your compost, but can imagine your annoyance about the sticks in it.

Take it easy....make them some pasta for lunch, it's quick and easy! M