Saturday, May 05, 2007

Its a lovely tell yer mother kind o'day!

I feel so much better except for an excess of mucus but hey! No pain, no fever, no "I think I am dying!". Definitely well-er. And about time too!!!!
I spent most of my day poking around in the gardens. I soaked newspapers in a bucket and laid them on the grass around my (small) Magnolia bush and then dumped bags of soil. Voila...flower bed. Eventually. I did the same thing in the Fall and planted's fun and games enlarged that. I woulda kept going but I ran outta newspaper. I have a vision for that front yard and grass is not part of it. I will keep picking away at it until all that is left is beds and path. mwahahahahahaha
Yesterday I planted the Wisteria and moved that shrub. Then we went to Canadian Tire and I got some fleabane (gets purply flowers) and beardtongue (has purply flowers) and a creeping thyme to do some ground coverage near the front walk. Eventually. Very small right now.
Today removed the rest of the fugly bushes in the back yard and PRESTO had a place for clematis..if i had some to plant. So, Ben and I went baaaaack to CT and got two to grow together and be friends. Duchess Of Edinburgh gets yellowy white double flowers and Ville De Lyon gets fabulous reddish pink single flowers. Won't they look stunning against brick?? Eventually?
I dug up my Blossomtime rose and moved it to this newly bush free zone as well. It kept getting broken by the dog last year so maybe it will have better success here.
Tomorrow I may get some strawberry plants and change the veggie beds to strawberry beds since I will be away and not here to tend vegetables. Just might be a plan. Also have more cone flowers to dig up and divide but nowhere to put all the cone flowers. needless to say, with all of these projects going on the back yard looks like shit!! LOL


Suldog said...

I dunno... I know it's a lovely plant, but clematis sounds like a disease, and not a particularly nice one, either.

picperfic said...'re so active, I love your enthusiasm for your garden!

Scrappytbear said...

WOW you have been busy! All those names and when you are here this summer can you do my gardens? I'll let you dabble...too bad we dont get sun in the front yard, hard to grow anything pretty there LOL!