Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday :3 things to make me haaappppy

#1) All praise and hail the entities of transportation because the Metro in Laval is FINALLY done. WOOHOOOOO Twice I have used it now instead of driving on the island and I must say "Metro! You Rock!!". Timeliness is a bit of an issue but the joy ofA) not dealling with the traffic downtown B) saving on gas and emissions C) no hunting for parking and thus, no tickets and D) much knitting time whilst sitting on the train make the worries of time small potatoes. I gets on in Laval, 15 or 20 minutes from here by car, and then all my traffic stress is gone. Most excellentay.
2) The amazing Sheila Ostroff of The Odyssey Zone ....she is a blessing and a miracle and all things wonderful. This is Ben's therapist and she is just so lovely I can't express her wunnerfulness. She totally "gets" him and stuff comes out within minutes that we have no idea the child is even thinking. He is happy there and LOVES his time with Sheila. 2 new strategies came out in the 1st ten minutes today: Ben is seated too far back in the class for a kid like him (4th seat) and susceptible to the distraction back there. Being closer to the front will help him maintain his focus. Also, when he feels he is getting angry or frustrated he must count backwards from 20 rather than counting to 10, so he can help himself get a better grip. Also, when the other kids are picking at him and won't stop he can hold up his palm and tell them to talk to the hand because the ears are not listening to them instead of yelling at them and hitting to get them to back off. ALL of this in the first 10 minutes together. Then I left and they spent 1/2 and hour on stuff, then I came back.

3) Montreal Knits: I went to a gathering last night, met new folk and saw people I had met before. It was just so great to sit back with treats and chill on the terrace in the fresh air last evening. Love love loved it. Met a"famous" knitting designer of amazing knits ( love the NDG sweater in the summer 2007 Interweave Knits) that I had not met other nights, and had some good laughs. REALLY good laughs. We heard and shared stories and gossip, attracted no small amount of attention from non-knitters and flirtatious attentions from sock desiring males at a neighboring table...LOL. the night was summer soft but full of Spring's promise. I really like the NDG area.
Today, I was totally wiped because of being out past my bedtime and having to take Ben into the city this morning. Comfy blue couch had my unwavering adoration for the afternoon until it was time to collect my boyses from school. NO SCHOOL tomorrow!!! Woohoo!

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Suldog said...

Ooh, new subway? I like.

I've always been a nut for subways and such. One of the first things I do whenever I go to a city I've never been to before is ride the subway.