Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I'm sick for real. It didn't "disappear" over night which sometimes happens with me. Tats ok though because I actually feel better now that its decided what to do. Chest, throat,ears..all irritated and phlegmy with a deeeeeep voice. LOL
Also, I feel better because my sister is back from her trip halfways around the globe(Maui and New Zealand)! She has been gone for two weeks and I felt like part of me was missing. Got new nails..gotta call Jessie..oops she's not home. Ben has a therapist..must call Jessie..oops she's not home...
Honestly I call her so much, her trip without the phone ringing was probably a HUGE relief for her. But I missed her SO MUCH!!!! Only 3 weeks until she is HERE in my home for 2 weeks. She arrives a few days before we leave for Maui and is staying to look after the kids and house while we are gone. Then she'll be here for a few days after we get back. Hopefully she will get to visit her friend Nathalie while she is here too which would be awesome for them.
I got to hear about how beautiful the weather was and the nice things she got and the fun she had and it was so excellent. sigh.
Also, I forgot to mention that this past Monday was my parent's 58th wedding anniversary. FIFTY EIGHTH!!!! Holy snap. I forgot to send a card but I did call.
Ben had a fairly good day at school yesterday. we are trying a new checklist system for him to keep his temper under control. He got 5 outta 6 yesterday which is great!! Yay Ben!
Thank you to picperfect for her well wishes about this virus. Its nice to hear from someone so far away! Ain't the 'net cool????


Suldog said...

OK, so the 50th anniversary is Gold and the 75th is (if I remember) Diamonds. What the heck is the 58th? What comes between gold and diamonds?

picperfic said...

my sentiments are that birthdays are for everyone to remeber but wedding anniversaries belong the married couple and are for them to remember! But 58 years wow!! I managed 30years but then i cam to my senses and realised I didn't want another 30 years of the same so I left him! Maui sounds idyllic, bet you're looking forward to your time there? Hurry up and get well!
Oh and thanks for the made my day!

Whaledancer said...