Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day Recap

You knew it would come..I am a Mother and Mother's Day happens to folk such as I and thus, it must be blah blahhed about. Here we go:
First of all, got the gifts a week early. And thats totally ok. I HEART MY PRESENTS! I used them on Mother's Day to wind my Bonsai ribbon yarn and everything.
Mother'sDay began with being woke up from a dead coma/sleep around 11ish in the morning by yelling little voices (not so little anymore actually..very BIG voices). They had to yell cuz I had my fabulous earplugs in since HM had woken me with his snores earlier. When I came conscious I was given breakfast in bed..toast, bacon, eggs, hash browns, and juice and coffee. Plus my favorite section of the saturday Gazette (comics). How nice!!!!!! I really have an awesome family!!
The boys had made gorgeous cards at school. Really lovely. They are in my bedroom.
The rest of the day was kind of business as usual but still a lovely day. I hope all the mom's out there had a nice day.
Speaking of all the mom's out there...What did YOU do for YOUR mom this year?? Think back to everything she had to do for you..not even HAD to do but CHOSE to do from love and also guilt. All the but wiping and tear drying...costume making, meals, birthday cakes, trying to keep Santa alive for you and dying those #$%^&%ing Easter eggs with you. Kissing and hugging you even when you were pretty much just a big walking ball of snot and phlegm. Don't even get me started on the breastfeeding and colic. What about money loaned or given? Education and orthodontia? Shoulders to cry on or and arm to lean on when you were feeling down and needed a hand up. Yes, maybe she's not perfect , what with being human and all...but that woman gave you everything she had to give including in many cases, space in her body to incubate. And not for like a day but 9 fucking months. Show some goddamn respect! I mean..Isn't that nice?
So maybe Mom drives you up the wall now that you are a grown up.....who gives a shit? She is THE MOTHER personified for you in all her glory and not necessarilly perfection. The love that woman holds for you is real and strong and can never be rent assunder because, trust me I have tried and that love just will not be rent. Still she feels the pull of the umbilical cord that attached you physically and now only emotionally. And she always will at some level.
I love my mom. VERY much. She makes me crazy and I am not always "nice" to her but I make her laugh and I call her many times a week just to hear her voice and the sound of that voice is always happy to hear from me. If I didn't have my mommy any more I don't know what I'd do. Sometimes, I still want to crawl into her lap except now she's all tiny and old and brittle and I am very large. She blames Dad's side of the family for that.
My mom colored with me, made me clothes and sweaters, taught me to knit, washed my clothes, became a Brownie leader because I was a Brownie, sewed her finger with the sewing machine by accident while making me a Barbie purse out of fake leather, showed me the natural world by going looking for Mayflowers and wild berries and now I pass that on to my guys. She cuddled me when I was sick. Let me sleep with her when I was scared. She loves me, not always the way I want or need, but truly and deeply. We've had screaming matches and silences, but always come back together with hugs and kisses.
I love my mommy. Always and forever.
The card is in the mail..really.


Suldog said...

Nice. Your Mom should be proud.

By the way, was that nutwinder thing one of the presents? I still can't get horrible pictures out of my mind about that device.

Anonymous said...

Truly well spoken, she's my mom too, and I now have kiddies too, so I know it from both sides as well as being a grammy too. It never ends.
Love you sissy