Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Iced Tea Tuesday

Today i had a craving for iced tea. Not that sugary crap you buy at the store though. Its just tooo sweet for me. Also, I find black tea tends to get bitter on me. So here is my herbal iced tea alternative from what I had in the cupboard o'tea. Enjoy.

Fill the kettle and turn it on. While waiting on that assemble the following:
Messmers' Rose Hip and Hibiscus tea, 2 bags
Lemon and Linden tea, 2 bags (I forget the brand)
Cherry Almond Rooibos loose tea, one cup sized infuser worth
Put all that in a heat proof pitcher or something. I used my 8 cup measuring cup. I love that sucker.
When the water boils, pour it in the measuring cup/pitcher. Then go away. When you remember the tea, come back. It should be strong enough now and cooled quite a bit (I forgot for a loooong time). Now you have a choice... put the pitcher in the fridge to get cold (after removing bags and infuser), fill a big glass with ice and pour in tea, or grab a frozen freezer mug and pour in tea(my choice). Sweeten to taste with sweetener of choice. Imbibe generously.
Not only is this a nice sip/guzzle depening on your hydration level, but its good for ya. Rooibos is an herbal tea fro South Africa. it comes in flavors from specialty shops but you could use plain. its loaded with antioxidant properties rivalling those of green tea. Its is naturally caffeine free. Rose hips are a great source of vitamin C. Linden has soothing properties. The hibiscus is tangy! This tea is a reddish colour so its yummy, healthful, aaaannd PRETTY. Beat that Lipton.


Anonymous said...

Oooh. Yum.
Thank you for your nice comment over at Zimmermania re. Adult Shorties. I'm planning to put up a detailed formula/pattern of my modifications sometime in the few day or two. Please come visit me at

Suldog said...

That sounds good; I might try it. You might like to try green tea instead black or orange pekoe, if you want the caffeine and/or flavonoids.