Sunday, May 13, 2007

Because I must

Talking to Barb this afternoon on the phone prompted this posting. I have FINALLY started the shrug for the trip to Hawaii. Both of us were getting very concerned that i hadn't even come up with a pattern yet too. Rest at ease now, it has commenced and it will be all that and a bag of plantain chips with its fabulosity! If I do say so myself. Which, I do.

Barb wanted to SEE what I was describing to her so I snapped this picture after the first pattern working and just before the second fight with elongated stitches. So here it is Barb!! Just liek you ordered, I mean, requested ever so sweetly. The stitch pattern is from Wendy B's Dream Swatch over at Knit And Tonic. The white wool at the bottom of today's work is because I needed to do an Invisible cast on a la Zimmerman. (new technique for me) This will allow me to remove the white wool to access live stiches in the black Berocco Bonsai bamboo ribbon yarn I am using, when its time to construct the Mobius (Zimmerman's book Knitting Around ). Thats what the shrug will be essentially. A Mobius scarf around my upper arms . Can you visualise that? I can and I am at least a foot taller and 60 pounds lighter and tanned. I look so chic.

Eat your heart out, baby.

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