Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday stuffs and possibly rants we go
Last night was stitch n bitch night BUT also the time for me to pick the colour swatch for "The Dress". And HM, out with a client golfing and havin' fun FORGOT. Now, that in itself may not be a big deal but the fact of the matter is my twice a month stitch night is practically the ONLY social life I have in the real world here in frenchland. So the fact that he so easily "forgot" is very hurtful to me. And yes I reminded him this week. So there is my rant. I am still very upset.
I took the kids with me because of this. They are sworn to secrecy about the dress on pain of lost allowance.
The dress, I can now state, will be a lovely medium green the likes of which I can't exactly describe. Bluer green than chartreuse..... greener than aqua...... So Difficult. But I think it will be nice...better than nice actually. And I pick it up Tuesday. Unless there is a problem. its gonna be so pretty.
So the ensemble is my pretty dress with the black Mobius shrug, black leather sling back open toed sandal with cork wedge heel, and we(designer and I) decided on pearls for jewellery. Its a very retro dress ('50's inspired) and the whole ensemble just says ladylike and classy. But NOT frumpy and grandmotherly. Luckily I have pearls...that when I wore them once my neice mocked mercilessly as being something grandma-ish.....repeatedly. She's real sweet that way.
That was all taken care of last night as well as lining fabric purchased....all with mini-hoodlums in tow. Ugh. NOT my relaxing twice a month social experience. I bought yarn too in spite...I got Cameron to pick a yarn for his sweater to be commenced after I finish Teri Lynn's sox. He picked some horrid colours...he's a guy so it was like he was just picking out whatever he saw first "This one! Ok...then this one..?" Finally he picked one I liked that wasn't too dark or neon orange. Its a tan like heathered Ultra Alpaca (again). I got two skeins to start with and will buy the rest after Hawaii. I am thinking that he will get a Zimmerman saddle shoulder sweater....very manly. Maybe with cables...OOH or another Zimmerman thats very cabley..
I have a scarf pattern that I am dying to try out, very lacy. I may make it as a shawl for my mom or sister. Or just as a very feminine scarf.... in something silky perhaps? Like Fleece Artist's sea silk? Thats another project lined up, plus my summer knitting of wool mittens and socks for this winter. Cha-ching...
Yesterday I bought a rose when I went to get a support for my peony...and I have buyer's remorse. Turns out I know this rose and don't actually care for it. That danged picture was so inaccurate. Roseraie de L'Hay...its that old purply rose you see at old houses etc. Red my ass!!! Its a fool proof rugosa rose that will grow large and strong and fragrant( very fragrant but not like a tea rose...) and grandmother had one. It gets huge hips and is low maintainence and will fill the space admirably. And I don't have the receipt...DAMMIT.
So today I will rip out the last of the useless ugly bushy bushes at the front of the house and plant this rose. May the fragrance bless Ben's room where it may provide some late afternoon shade in summer, eventually. At least its a purply colour and HM like if I even CARE today. Bastard.
Anyhoo...thats my weekend in a nutshell, knitting, cleaning (jessie is coming tuesday night!!!), planting, and making HM pay. Whew...thats a full load!!!

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