Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday May ummmmm 4th..yeah thats it

The good news is that I kinda know what day it is!Woo Hoo I am feeling quite goodish this morning but for the cough (less painful but still gross) and congestion (More Allegra D please) and this bizarre series of sweats I keep breaking into. Seriously, who breaks into a SWEAT sitting in front of the computer...besides porno surfing pervs I mean. Although I WAS surfing yarn and knitting sites so maybe...just maybe...That my porn? Hmmm......
It is yet another GLORIOUS sunny day and I really must get out . I must plant poor Wisteria, which involve hauling out a spirea and relocating it before Wisteria can take its place. The relocation also involves hauling out some FUGLY ornamental grass clumps the previous owners had put in. I'm sure they served some designy feature but for me they just take up room that something pretty could have used. If I ge4t REALLY jiggy widit I may lay out lines in the grass for bed enlargements/enhancements. That may be way too ambitious though. I'm sweating again just typing about it.
I got the aquarium a new filter finally. An Aquaclear 30. Did a major cleaning too and poured the first bucket of fishy poo grossness on Ben's clematis. Its unfurled more leaves in gratitude. This resulted in about 1/3 to 1/2 water change so now that water in teh tank is less discoloured from the big driftwood log, which also got cleaned. The 2 loaches are very happy...or freaked out..its hard to tell but seriously, they are my favorites in this tank. They are cute, looking similar to clown fish, and they are zipping around all frisky and funny , up and down and all around. They make the Angel, Betta, and bushy nose look so boring and staid! Yesterdays aquarium housekeeping resulted also in me breaking the light fixture so I have a lamp shining in now.
So how about Grey's Anatomy last night? I'm not so sure I'll be tuning in to the Addison character's spin off...I dunno. Love some of the actors (Tim Daly is yummy as is Taye Diggs, holy moley) but the Addison of the spin off is, I dunno, a bit of a dink?? It was too Ally McBeal only in a medical center rather than a lawyer's office.
And what IS Derek's problem anyways????? Becoming seriously Less McDreamy with his whiney ass angst. Killing off Susan kinda sucked and how is Thatcher grey even capable of taking care of himself because every scene has him seeming somewhat retarded. I think it sucks that George is leaving. He was one of my favorites..... ARGH! I hate when they mess with me shows!!!!
Cinco De Mayo (did I spell that wrong?) is TOMORROW! Happy Belated Beltaine also, I have been very inobservant of the holy/holidays. Did nothing for Beltaine which sucks. There was a public ritual but we were too busy here for me to feel that i could just take off and go. Which is tupid...maybe I was just too tired or sick of the back biting on the community's e-list. Anyways, I stayed home.
So thats Friday in a nutshell. Betterish, sunny, gardening?, maybe some light grocery shopping.....
Have a margarita for me!

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Scrappytbear said...

LMAO at your Grey's breakdown...I agree in many many many areas although I do think we will be watching the Addison show lol Scott likes her, there's so little on that is watchable, and We liked Ally mcBeal. HAhhahahah We did! I adored that dancing baby SO much !LOL!