Friday, May 18, 2007


No school AGAIN today, being a Friday and all (last week? same thing). We have a scheduled inservice day AGAIN which makes this a FOUR day weekend. F-O-U-R. With my crazy kids..and it is not a good week for me ( them) to have this 4 day break, if'n ya catch my drift. Crankiness is lessened than say, Tuesday when all living beings were at risk of being homicided, but still it lingers just a bit. Short temperedness and lack of patience is the rule rather than maniacal homicide inducing snittyness. For which we are grateful. NOT grateful however for the most enormous chin zit ever. Painful and very much there for the Universe to see. Maybe visible from space. Trying not to interfere with it so as not to have a ginormous scab on my face next week.
By the Way, Barb and I started a new blog together about leaving a greener life. We rant, post discoveries, etc etc about how to lessen our footprint on the environment without going broke buying "green" inducing products. i still want me some solar pannels though, and a solar ROOF. How frikkin' cool is that shit, eh?? Being Green On A Dime. The link is over there -->. I bought magazines for my trip (sooo hard not to read them now) 2 on greeny issues etc and 2 on knitting. Harrowsmith, Organic Earth (both Canadian although Harrowsmith is now owned by an american company or something), Simply Knitting (free gift! Love UK craft mags) and Creative Knitting. Magazine buying is NOT green...all that paper and all and I have tried to lower my paper consumption by accessing the articles in Electronic format as much as I can. However, on a plane? Not so doable for me. Hopefully these and knitting will help keep my short attention spanned ADD self occupied and from annoying other passengers by fidgetting, sighing, snoring, and asking "Are we there YET??!"
I will be so glad when air travel is done and we can use some sort of quantum physicsy portal system. Getting there is half the fun??! Its not the destination but the Journey??! BULLSHIT. I just wanna get the party started ya know?
Also, when we get back, I think I will insist that we plant a couple of trees out of air travel pollution guilt.

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Vicky said...

Hey Alison, a four day weekend...that seems long like a May break or something (only it's not for you,LOL). A green blog, very intresting.