Saturday, April 21, 2007

Updates etc

Holy snap! Life is so accelerated these days. Filled with knitting and kids and stuffs! Holy stink.
All is well. Actually all is pretty awesome. THE SUN IS SHINING! Thats a big one to the happyhappy mojo I am channeling today. Or maybe its the coffee.
Ok...where did I leave off..oy what a week of joys...
Ok: hmm The Sweater! I declare it will be done TOMORROW if i have to sit and knit all night.
I am inspired to recycle yarn. To do this one buys used (yes..USED..second hand) sweaters with non serged seams, takes them apart and the unravels them. Yes..I am serious. Tomorrow is Earth Day. Get inpired.
Uuumm. Ok..Today NO boat was changed to smaller trailer capable MUCH less expensive boat. Maximum fun, minimum pain in ass factor. I love this plan. MacGregor 26 is the current item of Husband Man's sailboat lust. I encourage this idea. He can trailer the boat and launch that baby almost ANYWHERE! how cool is that?
Hmmmm.....OH and this does not mean that I lose my kitchen Reno which was declared happening this year on Thursday night. Can I get a Hallelujah??!!!!!! My house is beautiful..not real clean and tidy because, hello!? I live here. But my kitchen and my bathrooms seriously suck. The kitchen drawers are literally falling apart repeatedly and I have been nearly brained by cabinet doors coming off the hinge. Oy!! So, HM had a drawer drop crap everywhere again and said Thats IT! When we know when he's getting his latest bonus I can commence to making reno plans. Right now I know that its pretty much getting gutted. That is all I know for sure.
HM is getting a newer car. His choice is a lovely and fuel efficientish 2002 Acura 1.7 EL Limited edition. Spoiler, front hood ding protector doohickey, tinted windows, leather upholstery.... and fuel efficincy not much different from the Echo! Sexay!!
The sundress for Hawaii formal event is being dealt with. Its top secret at the mo. Sorta. Secret from HM because he is all 'Buy one at a store'and I am all 'Having a dress made to fit me!' heh heh What he doesn't know and all that jazz. I can say it is '50's inspired and the fabric is a hemp/silk blend jacquard and will breathe beautifully. Color is as yet undetermined since the maker will be working on creating a colour that I want..either a darkish blue or aubergine. This sounds stuck up and snobby and expensive but actually may be same cost as buying a really nice dress and having it altered to fit properly. Always a challenge and I am just too lazy to search the shops.
Cameron is beside himself with joy because his bestest buddy is coming here tonight for a sleep over after having come here last Sunday for a play date for the first time. This is seriously awesome for him. I remember having sleepovers all the time as a kid and now its time for the guys to start. If only Ben could get along with someone long enough to have a sleep over bud. I had high hopes of two school mates but sadly this has been hampered by Ben's outburst of anger. Not conducive to close friendships. This will happen though. I have great faith in his abilities to become more in control of his temper. Eventually. I must vacumm my heart out and de dustify my maison. Tis sooo necessary. All THREE floors (basement, main, upstairs).
Happy Earth Day Tomorrow!!!!!!!
Earth day Earth Day Party Time Excellent!!!!! Woowoowoowoooooo

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Hiyas! Just thought I'd poke in and say hello. My old site: Whiskers Whispers is down and I've created this new one on Yahoo 360. Stop by sometime :)