Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Ever have a day that just wouldn't go RIGHT?? I know we all have and by bad day standards this is pretty small potatoes but STILL..ARGH.
Benoit had his first visit with a psychotherapist today at 9 am. Thanks to A) my car being out of gas and B) traffic, we were 20 minutes late for a 50 minute session..more like half an hour late actually once we factor in PARKING! For which I got a TICKET!! ARGH! So, 90 dollars plus tax for session PLUS a parking ticket. (tantrum ensues with much preschooler type thrashings gnashings and flailings)

Now we are back home and chillin'. It can only get better. Ben and Cameron have their extra French launguage tuteuring at 12 and then their afternoon classes.
Today's therapy session, short as it was, made Sheila (therapist) recommend that Ben be tested academically, and her observation that he would benefit from having larger periods of time in which to accomplish tasks because of the way his little brain functions. This is something we need to bring to the teacher's attention at school. Ben thoroughly enjoyed Sheila, which is awesome, and he looks forward to his next session.
I wonder if I should just home school him next year???? Here is an Anglo kid with a learning disorder stuck in a class of as far as we know fully functional French kids, expected to accomplish everything these other kids can academically and otherwise, in their native language, French, in the same amount of time.
Round hole? Meet my little Square Peg. No matter how hard that little peg is hammered at, he can only fit in the round hole so well. I have made noises about switching to English school but been opposed big time by HM. He want the boys to have the full advanmtages og Bi Lingualism and with that I AGREE ...BUT...can't the kid get his French without being academically and socially challenged so? Aaah conflict..where would we be without it?

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Suldog said...

Ugh. Sounds like a tough one. Lay back, have the libation of your choice, and take a mini-vacation - that's my advice.