Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Benoit's Birthday

Today is Ben's 10th birthday. I can hardly believe that its been that long..then again somedays it seems like forever. This is Ben in Grade Primary with his teacher. She was so nice. Ben was 5. This is Ben in June 2005 and he was the FIRST one in the pool after we had openned it, got it clean and let it warm up. So, he was first born AND first in our pool at this house. There was a heat wave here that year and man, we made good use of 'er.
This is Ben last month. Almost 10 but not quite. He still likes the toys that come with Happy Meals.
Benoit Martin, you were my first baby. You taught me how to be a mother and broke me in for Cameron. I made more mistakes with you and sometimes I am harder on you but there is noone I love like you. Because of you I learned what selfless (and somewhat psychotic/ obsessive)love is. Thank you for being my child. Thank you for not breaking like we were so sure you would if they made us take you home from the hospital. US..who had no idea what the hell we were doing ...petrified of making a fatal mistake.... Turns out that while being a parent is the hardest thing I have ever done and ever will do, its also remarkably easy. The love keeps it going.
So even on those days that I'm screaming about how I understand why a wolf may eat her young, know that under all the Mommy crazy, there is a whole lot of love. A bottomless pit. All for you. And the drugs have helped with the psychotic/obsessive part so its all good.
Kisses, angel.
Love, Mommy xxxxxooooo


Vicky said...

Ohh goodness you are sweet. Makes me misty!

Suldog said...

Happy birthday to Ben!

(And more drugs to those that need 'em!)

Debra Aubin said...

Happy Birthday Ben! Beautiful post which made me want to cry and laugh at the same time.