Monday, April 02, 2007


I did in fact have a rather sleepless night. The last time I got up and prowled was around 3ish AM. I camped out on the sofa in order to let HM sleep without my tossing or getting up repeatedly to wander around. BOY are floors squeaky at 3 am!!! Who knew.
So now I have some energy nectar known as coffee and am contemplating my day. I think I should venture to the wilds of Laval or Repentigny in order to visit a Loblaws which are almost EXACTLY like the Superstores back home. My favorite grocery store. HM did some grocery shopping on Saturday, picking up my slack, but he doesn't get all the right stuffs and in the right quantities. But thats ok because he does buy stuffs that I usually don't and variety IS the spice of life.
My 2 AM Poem that I kinda remember:

What made life grand for Mrs. Mimsy
Was infusing it with a touch of whimsy.
Things like: Twinklelights and fairies
For the scarecrows on the Prairies
And fantastical fish
Adorning her cat's food dish
Made her smile
And made a day worthwhile.
Yes, bits of whimsy
made life so joyous for Mrs Mimsy
But made the neighbors think her grip on reality
Was a little flimsy.

I had another that included a reference to Dennis Lee (poet) but I forget it. I don't make up good poems, I know but they are fun . I still remember a pinch of my Mrs Myra Mudbottom poem/story of about 11 years ago. I think I threw it out though in a fit of decluttering. I hate that I do that. I write a story, poem or lyric and then consider it worthless...only to need it months or years later. DOH. While I thoroughly enjoy my forays into rhyme most folk are not appreciative and tend to look at it as silly and lacking in proper meter or any other myriad of critiques. Alls I know is that I wish I hadda got up and wrote the Dennis Lee one down.
Something about how making rhyme is sublime blah blah and seperates us from species that fling feces...something something about cats yadda yadda And if you don't believe me, Just ask Dennis Lee. Thats the gist of the subject anyhoo.
Aaaah insomnia..the great inspirationer. (my blog..I am allowed to make up words)


Suldog said...

Ah, screw the folks who don't consider anything worthy unless they like the meter or your grammar or sentence structure or whatever else. Everybody has their own style. So long as you spell correctly and have a verb to go along with a noun, that's all I ask for.

In other words, I liked the poem.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Feel your insomnia pain. having issues with that too. sleepy drugs not working well.


Totally love it!! Write more. MORE MORE MORE!!!! Rhyme is good. Very very good!