Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Two more sleeps! We are all getting so excited. The kids because they get to miss an extra day of school even though it will be spent in a car, and also they love staying with Julie and Heather. They have also expressed looking forward to seeing Aunty Jessie, my sister, as she is their favorite aunty ever. She loves them SO much and it really really comes through. Kids respond to that so well. Plus of all the aunties she is the one that is most familiar.
We hope to go out Saturday night and see 300, leaving the boys with Aunty Jessie.
From topstitchgirl's blog I got this home waxing recipe http://topstitchgirl.blogspot.com/2007/02/sugar-waxingpilation-au-sucre.html
I am trying to work up my courage and try it. Hawaii is coming fast and furious as is summer and it would be nice to reduce my razor dependency..especially since I am semi forgetful and during winter thats ok but not so much in summer when one goes sleevless and pantlegless, and in bathingsuits. The thing is..I have an aversion to pain. Razors only hurt if you make a mistake. Waxing hurts when you do it right...how is this logical or an encouragement? Another reason guys should treat us with tenderness because being a woman is not easy and is very confusing.
So, I talked big on Saturday and said I'd have that sleeve done. Its not. BUT I will knit on it in the car. HM likes to do a lot of the driving (doesn't trust me) so I should have several hours of knitting time if I don't fall asleep. The car does that to me.
I am happy about a discovery i made yesterday. Since I moved here the only place I knew to find a good selection of English Language magazine was Chapters..down town Montreal or out in Pointe Claire. Yesterday I hit the Laval Loblaws and while perusing their sad selection I asked a stranger lady where the good magazine selection was in Laval. She told me to try Archambault. I had no idea what that was though I had seen the sign for that store. Turns out its like a french HMV but with magazines and books too. Even english language ones! YAY! I looked but I ended up not buying, though tempted by the current issues of Simply Knitting and Vogue Knits. There are some great knit tank topes etc in the pattern books these day to whip up for summer in cottons and silks. Tempted I am...fat assed arms I have. Knitting sleeveless tops I don't think I will.
So that is it for me for now.
I am hoping that Ben has a good day today. The three of us talked last night after HM came home and has time to destress after avery bad day at work. We wanted Ben to know that he is understood and that we have those feelings too so we know where he is coming from...that said we emphasized how lashing out is something he can not do and we need to find ways to control the urge. He has been given ideas and tools over the last 9 years of tantrums etc and we continue to advise him to use them and refresh his memory. Deep breaths, walking away, counting to 10 or higher, plugging his ears and closing his eyes to ignore a pestering peer..... He lost his bike for a week, computer priviledges and today he has already lost TV for losing it with Cameron at the bus stop. Hello brick wall? Meet my head..repeatedly.

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Suldog said...

Easy for me to say from hundreds of miles away, but... patience!

Hawaii's coming up pretty soon now, huh? You must be psyched!