Friday, April 27, 2007

Its Friday....

Its been a very low key week. But good low key not depressed crazy low key. It was amazing weather until today. Apparently rain is gonna be our weather for a few days. Thats spring bulbs are blooming and could probably use a drinky poo. The Daffs will open SOON. I have one ready to POP but no sun today. The tulips are leafed out and growing, the squills are glorious in their amazing blueness. the thing that starts with a C that I planted last year in pink and purple..I want to call it Cikkachonga but I think its Chiondoxia??? Anyhoo, wee bulbs that are starting to flower wonderfully. The crocuses sucked though..OOh and my long lost "June Lilies" narcissus..I think I saved them and they are send up shoots. YAY.
Rose bush buds are unfurling to show leaves as are lilacs. Ben's clematis "Mr President" is alive WOOHOO. He is so happy. We found wee green leaves emerging from these very dead looking vines. Very happy. This is the first clematis I ever planted that survived a winter. Can I get a BooYa!!!!? It is technically Benoit's plant but Mommy "helps" look after it.
I saw wisteria's at the Pepiniere here in town...Am very tempted! Last years fiasco of a wisteria pisses me off still. But these are DEFINITELY alive and HM wants one. So maybe ....
The bridal wreath spireas I moved last year are alive and leafing and the magnolia we got and planted last summer is alive even though I didn't protect it for its first winter. I am looking at the front beds and imagining new lines..enlargements and reshapings to take up more lawn space and make for a place to use the "extra" cone flowers from the back yard. They are so overgrown and taking over everything...LOL thinning is necessary and back breaking.
I finally bit the bullet and ripped back the sleeve of my discontent. have begun reknitting from the colour work and will be most assiduous in my decreases. I so want it DONE already. New yarns call. New techniques and patterns..socks, and shrugs and sweaters... and hats and mittens... i wanna be done!!!!!!!! waaaaaahhh waaaaahahhh
My mom and dad need their roof done. They got quotes this week ranging from 5200 ish to 6000 ish and I freaked. They are pensioners and have no savings. Every year the property taxes are a major deal for them. Where the F$%^ are they supposed to get 6000 dollars??????
They have a small line of credit but even thats not enough. I called my bro the contractor and suggested a family roofing party like we did last time (a zillion years ago). The poor guy has a million things on his plate what with work and family (don't we all? well..except me cuz I don't work...) but he said give him time to think it out...
Speaking with mom she says that they have spoken to big bro and its being dealt with. I await news on what this entails.
I have left yet another message to the Cranberry Campground folk so's I can have a spot for July and August. I am so anxious to get to summer. I want beach..I want cold drinks in the sun.. I want my momma and sisters and friends....I want salty air.
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Anonymous said...

Hey Baby,

your mom and dad may qualify for a low income assistance grant to do the roof...

Luvs ya and dem bootiful nails....

Vicky said...

Hey, that's too bad about the roof..well I'm sure everyone would get together to help put on a new roof!!!! I missed you last time you were up...I will definately have to see you this summer.
Hugs, Vic