Sunday, April 29, 2007


Last night I stayed up very late watching movies, knitting, and spending time with my good friend Vodka.
The movies: Children Of Men (very very good) and The Holiday (could have been worse..not sure how...)
The knitting : the sleeve from Hell is DONE!!! Take that Satan..I throw your torture back atcha along with a whole lotta kiss my ass! I stuck it out through hours (LITERALLY) and hours of stockingette stitch and decreases, a false cast off, rippping back again and cursing, and finally it is DONE. Now for the neck/collar.
Yesterday was spent mostly in the car as we travelled to look at a dissappointing boat. Realizations were made by HM...a 26 foot boat will NOT fit in our driveway and we will need a marina for storage/parking. Investigations are being made into costs and availability before we look at anymore MacGregors. I knit alot on the way to the boat, munched a lot of patry from Boulangerie St. Donat on the way home. Resulting blood sugar fluctuations and travel sleepies made me crawl into bed fopr a late afternoon nap. Hence my late night with my grrrl Vodka and the pointy sticks.
We got a Playstation 2 for the kids. Their first ever game system (other than the game boys they got two years ago) for the house. Already it has been removed from their squabbling little persons. 6:38 Sunday morning and they are FIGHTING over it. Not good. Pissed off HM even more because he was unable to go back to sleep, unlike myself The Olympic Gold Medallist of Sleepage.
Was awakened later by Ben holding a phone at me and saying stuff....incomprehensible to the sleep fuddled idea who was on the other line for a bit. It was my Marla letting me know that her dad, being very ill with cancer, had passed over on Friday. She had been out of contact since last week and I was beginning to worry, though I knew that Frank must have been the reason. So, she called to keep me from worrying and to let me know whats going. His funeral mass and burial will be tomorrow and she hopes to get herself and the kids back home tomorrow night since they have been tehre since Wednesday. Poor M. I don't know what it is like to lose a parent yet and I am not looking forward to it. I bitch about mine a lot but I love them so very much as well. I wish I was able to give more comfort at times like this but distance and inexperience render me pretty useless, which sucks.
Today Sears is havin' a sale so HM is off buying clothes for work and the kids and I are here at home on this rainy crappy weather day. Maybe I will plant my new (Friday's garden center purchase) WISTERIA, which is really ALIVE unlike last years. People call me crazy for my rainy day gardening but weeds pop out easier and transplant shock is much lessened. Plus, its so much nicer to nap in the sun than sweat.....
I may have been a cat in another incarnation.

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